I’m just going to say this, I love my friends – especially those with international connections <3 Last weekend I spent a few hours with an old friend and admitted to my collecting of postcards (and the Postcard Bucketlist). He told me he has friends either living or visiting Africa and he’s going to try to get them to send me a card!!

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  • Tara introduces her readers to her new Blogspiration and how it will change her blogging style

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Nothing’s changed from last week :(
But I was reading up until I realized I hadn’t made a post for today yet,
so I had to stop :p


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Half-way through my summer holidays. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so restless in my life. The scary part is, I’ve already started clothes shopping for Fall. Yup, you read right folks! This girl’s on the hunt for new cardigans and converse :P

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I’m trying really hard to get some reading done, but I must confess

It’s so hard to get any reading done with so much free-time!!

Here’s a few links of recent reviews, in case you missed them:

Girl in Dior <- Graphic Novel
Juliet’s Nurse <- Shakespearean twist
Holy Cow <- Anthropomorphic weirdness

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Oh goodness, this was an interesting piece to put together. I feel like even though it’s summer I haven’t done enough to contribute to my blogging community. I spend so much time on Twitter and Facebook and not enough time reading. Oh I’ve also been watching boatloads of Bob’s Burgers episodes – don’t judge me!


But in the meantime, I’m out of town for the weekend <3 and will hopefully have half a book read by the time I come back :p


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Review: Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger

Published: 2015
By: Nantier Beall Minoustchine
Source: FMPL
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9781561639144



A biographical reference of Christian Dior’s last ten years before his death. “The Girl” is a fictional character who tells the story of Dior’s life. A young woman who debuted as a fashion journalist quickly loses her job because of a failed photo-shoot but is quickly snatched up by Dior and given the opportunity of a lifetime.

Clara tells the story of Dior and his life. His muse; his “darlings”, and the overwhelming response to celebrity status he is given for his great fashion pieces that changed the world entirely. The steps taken to make every presentation flawless and how structured every show was kept to be the most pristine and guaranteed to make the audience drool over textures and pleats, necklines and hemlines.

The story is nothing exciting without its stunning drawings. The art in this book is simple and beautiful. The dresses look like covers of the pattern packages my mother had while I was growing up, and the color focuses primarily on the dresses and the designs, while the characters merely take up the blank spaces.

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