Review: As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust by Alan Bradley

Series: Flavia de Luce, book 7
By: Penguin Random House
Audio Publishing Group
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 10 hrs, 52 mins.
ISBN: 9780449807644


Once again I’ve been blown away by Mr Bradley’s ability to weave a wonderful story! If you’ve followed along the plot of this series, Flavia is growing up and getting too smart for her own good.

After her mother’s body has been returned to Buckshaw, Flavia has been “banished” to Canada to be enrolled in a finishing school in Toronto. To think it might be all too easy for Flavia’s life to become a tad simpler after leaving her tiny town and fewer mysteries would land in her lap, but that’s not the case at all. Within the first evening of being at Miss Bodycoat’s a cadaver has fallen out of the chimney, along with a very living student, and Flavia has become enthralled with the mystery ever since!

This particular story has many twists, and unexpected secrets that I enjoyed throughout and made the story much less suspicious – for me, anyway. I highly recommend, if you haven’t already, go pick up the first book of the series and get started right away! Flavia is a funny character and too smart for her own good sometimes and that’s just the fun of it all.signature

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Monthly Wrap-Up (#30)

Books Reviewed:

1. The Skin I’m In | link
2. Solo | link
3. The City of a Thousand Dolls | link

Currently Reading:

I’ve reached the half-way point of the Winter term, so I’ll be refocusing some of my attention on school work. But stay tuned for reviews of books by Alan Bradley and Jay Asher,  andRainbow Rowell. I’ll try to get another title or two in, but nothing is dictated nowadays.

 February Stats:

# Books Read: 4
# of Pages: 153
# of Hours Listening: 14
Total # of Posts: 3
Most Viewed: This month I saw a huge surge of viewership. I don’t know what it was about this particular review that caught the attention of so many people. But apparently it’s been saved to Pinterest 162 times! Either way, maybe one day people will tell me whether the title that caught their attention will lead to some discussions or some great outcomes for the author. The most viewed page was the review Local Girl Missing by Clare Douglas.
Runner Up: The Skin I’m In

2018 Stats (To-Date):

# Books Read: 7
# of Pages: 363
# of Audiobooks: 5
Genre Most Read: YA

Upcoming news

I’m trying to get more “themed” titles read ahead of events. Like this passed month I tried to get a few more titles related to Black History Month. I have even started a spreadsheet to help keep me on track! As well as allow me to reference the list later on if I want to cross-post some information to kick-off/throw-back a new month of themes. The month of March seems has a few events to choose from, the one that takes up the entirety is Women’s History Month; I’m not too sure what books I might dedicate to this as I do read a lot of books with strong female characters. Other themes in March are Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Spring, and St. Patrick’s Day. But I’ll probably refrain from those. 

I guess my question to you is:

What titles are you reading in the month of March to ring in Women’s History Month?


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Review: City of a Thousand Dolls by Miriam Forster

Series: Bhinian Empire, book 1

By: Books on Tape 
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 8 hrs., 54 mins.

ISBN:  9780385361408



City of a Thousand Dolls is a state sponsored village where outsiders can abandon their daughters during a time when boys were the most ideal offspring. The City is a place where some girls are trained for very specific talents, others are trained for a small range of abilities. Either to prepare to wed a wealthy merchant or a nobleman or to prepare them to survive outside the walls married or not. Men pay handsomely for women they will not meet until the day of their “redeeming”.

In this story, the main character is a young lady named Nisha. Nisha was abandoned a little older than the village typically allows girls to be for character-based training, as such Matron snatched her up to train her to become her errand girl. This year was also supposed to be Nisha’s year to be redeemed. She had been given permission to partake – to be spoken for.

However, things are not going to go as planned for Nisha. She has found out that the council may be looking to bind her in a contract which forces her to remain in the city until she pays off whatever price is hung over her head, she’d become a bonded slave. Never able to leave the grounds and is the slave to whomever needs her. She may not socialize, or be happy ever again.

In the midst of it all, there is trouble on the estate. A girl is found dead. A Nisha offers herself up as an investigator in exchange for her freedom. The big, scary question: Is Nisha able to solve the mystery of the dead girl before the Redeeming?


The story was a little slow to begin with, but once that first girl showed up dead things got interesting! A girl who has no knowledge of her past, can talk to cats, is essentially a spy for the headmistress of the city – how neat is that!?

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