WSJ – “Is your job creative enough to resist robot automationWa?”

I came across this article that was published two days ago (Apr. 27th, 2015) on the Wall Street Journal blog by Amir Mizroch, which distinguishes the few top jobs and few least likely jobs that could be taken over by automation or robots.

The only reason I’m even remotely bringing this up is because there is a section that brings up librarians. Not in detail, but I figured a certain rebuttal was necessary.

Jobs that are highly susceptible to computerization, according to the report:  office administrators, call-center staff, librarians, cattle and crop farmers, loggers, miners, car salesmen and hotel staff.

Here’s my problem with the idea that librarians could be replaced with robots:

It’s not human

Librarians are more than just a “check-in-check-out” process, we are book advisers, and sounding boards, and teachers, and so much more! By bringing in robots to do our job takes away the personality of a library; the reason why a person might spend hours hanging out doing research, homework, or just general reading.

Regardless of how futuristic a robot might seem, I believe people would not be willing to let go of their positions without a fight.

After working for nearly 2 years in a school library, I can certainly say that if my position was to be filled by a robot, circulation stats would decrease. So would visitation stats. Upon seeing a robot, students would certainly feel more like their forced into an institution (which some already claim they are) rather than a place where they are supposed to be encouraged to play, learn, and grow. Not all my kids come to see me to check-out books or find out if they can put a copy on hold. But some come to me for my “sage” wisdom, or to show me something they realized in class, or for a chat about life problems. Robots could never do that – it’d be like a very terrible version of Baymax.

Source: Tumblr

Every librarian has great memories they’ve acquired while working whether it’s a school, academic, public, or private library, and I’m sure some of those people who see these men and women would have fond memories of their time spent. Those things would be drastically altered if a robot was put in place. Although computers are great, they can never replace the social aspect of a human librarian.


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Conference: ALC 2015


I’m so excited to announce that I’m finally going to something worth talking about :D

At the end of April I’ll be attending the annual Alberta Library Conference which is being held in Jasper, Alberta for 3 nights of amazingness. I look forward to the key speakers: Sara Critchfield and Drew Dudley. I’m also looking forward to socializing with other librarians, and coincidentally the theme for this conference is Networking. I look forward to seeing what kind of environment hundreds of like-minded people create. It should be awesome and the location to which this event is being held is exciting, and I’m not referring to the fact that it’s being held at some swanky hotel. It’s being held in Jasper.

My Schedule

I’ve been to Jasper briefly in the past, but I’ll be able to spend several nights enjoying the spring-time greatness of Mother Nature…

Source: Seattle's Travels

Seriously, this is a regular view O_O

I purposely bulked up my itinerary to get the full-scale experience of this conference, and knowing that I’ll have to do a brief presentation I figured I should make the most of it!

Stay tuned, y’all! I’ll be posting pictures and will be live tweeting most of the event so follow me @TaintedVampyre to keep up to date with the excitement. I’ll also be posting pictures regularly on Instagram: @krys_klinge.

What’s the most recent conference you attended? What made it memorable?


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Perks of Being a School Librarian

Okay, this is not the post where I make a list (and it’d be very pointy) to brag about the upside to my job – that’s for another post ;)

However, today my school was lucky enough to host Canadian track and field, 1996 gold medalist, Bruny Surin.

As a French Canadian, he has a very little audience in the French speaking community, so he is a very important member in the motivational speaker line that can travel throughout the country to give great speeches without adapting for the English community (because, let’s face it, there are a lot of English speaking motivators out there). Mr. Surin is very humble of his experience. Even after he retired, he has founded an organization, Fondation Bruny Surin,which was built to enable and encourage youth in sports.

But, the reason I wrote this post is this. Not only did I have the benefit to hear this man speak and watch the kids become enthralled in what he had to say, but after his presentation I was jokingly suggested he could donate a signed copy of his book Le Lion Tranquille to our school library for the kids.

Posted on my instagram!

He actually agreed!

I’m just going to take this time, because he snuck back in the school and left the book with the front-office so I couldn’t do it then, but thank him very much for his presentation and for his gift to the school. «Merci Mr. Bruny!!!»

I admit the cover is questionable, but whatever, I’m not going to start cutting out little paper shirts.

So that is my perk for today!


What is your favorite job perk?

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