Review: Every Day by David Levithan

Published: 2012
By: Listening Library
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 8 hrs., 25 mins.
ISBN:  9780449015230



I really hope I don’t butcher the book too much with this review, because it’s actually a book that is being used as part of grade 9 curriculum at my school. Anyway, moving forward!

How would you feel if every day of your life you woke up as a different person. Your thoughts are your own, but are forced to lead the life of the person you’re inhabiting. You have no personal connections that last longer than a day. You have the ability to experiment with something new almost every day. You will only inhabit the body of a person of the same age as you, but you don’t really know who you are or where you came from or why any of this has happened to you.

Every Day is a story just like that. The main character ‘A’ has been floating from body-to-body for the last 16 years, until one day they* inhabits the body of Justin. A passive-aggressive teen who doesn’t appreciate Rhiannon as much as he should, and ‘A’ can see it just in the time they spend together.

‘A’ falls madly in love with Rhiannon, and ultimately does what they weren’t supposed to do in the first place. Seek a personal connection. ‘A’ pulls a major no-no and lands in a spot of trouble with another body they inhabit. Nathan is out for blood, or at least an explanation after he had been left to wake up somewhere on the side of the road in his parents car, then also forced to have to deal with public scrutiny because he decided to claim: “The Devil made me do it.”

‘A’ is now dealing with their emotions for Rhiannon, and trying to run away from the other life that they hoped would fade in the distance. Realizing they may never have the life ‘A’ could ever imagine for the two of them.

This book has a few hints of excitement, and some things are annoyingly, puppy-love sweet. Also super disturbing. I enjoyed the story. It flowed well, and very few times was there a lull. It wasn’t ‘A’ that I was most interested in either, it was the lives ‘A’ was living. It’s true everybody’s story is different, and this novel can help a person realize just how different we all are.


*I realize that personal gender pronouns are relatively important, and as I am trying to be as sensitive as possible in consideration of the book; from what I have, personally, taken away from the book is ‘A’ is pansexual (feel free to correct me!) and as such I feel comfortable considering ‘they‘ as the appropriate pronoun – if I am incorrect about any of this, please feel free to correct me.

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Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Published: 2005/2015
By: Dutton Books for
Young Readers

Source: Borrowed
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9780525428022



I know this book has been around for a while, in fact it was one of John’s first books ever published. I wound up skipping all the extras included in the anniversary edition, but the story was definitely inspiring.

As I read Looking for Alaska I had trouble understanding what the premise of this story consisted of, especially after *spoiler* Alaska dies. I thought that was the end! I thought, “What more is there? She’s dead.” Apparently I was very wrong, and although I understand that some people can be heavily affected by the loss of somebody close, I don’t know if this hunt for answers would have been what I had in mind for a person to do in order to find closure.

This book helps teens by teaching them empathy, although when you look at the coping skills by Pudge and Colonel, you may think they were on the verge of a breakdown, but when the mystery of Alaska’s death has come to be realized the two start going back to focusing on their studies and not feeling the intense guilt of being, slightly, responsible for Alaska’s “fast and straight” end.

Finding Alaska was an okay book, I can understand why it wasn’t super popular until John Green came out with The Fault in Our Stars. The story, although relatable, requires a bit more effort to look past a bunch of kids, who have minimal supervision, getting drunk, pulling pranks, and excessively smoking.


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About Me…

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the bloggers over at the Broke and the Bookish. Book bloggers from all around create lists based on the chosen topics, and post links to the host blog to share our love of books.

I’ve decided to participate in this week’s TTT, I feel every once in a while having similar content to other bloggers helps with rapport.

1. I collect postcards.

If any of you follow me on Instagram you would have spotted some of the pics I’ve posted that are related to postcards or postcrossing. A hobby I started about 4 years ago, and I had an amazing collection that I stored in an awesome vintage metal card cataloging drawer. After the recent fire I have since lost my collection and now starting from scratch, I have decided to do a neat DIY to display new cards. So, once again if you’re following me: krys_klinge, on Instagram you might see the finished product and whatever I’m reading there.

#Pokemon #postcards #postcrossing #Topatoco

A photo posted by Krys (@krys_klinge) on

2. I own a cat.

Her name is Bast, and she’s kinda awesome😀

3. I love to read, but…

I wish I could properly commit to it. I’m always so amazed of the bloggers out there who have managed to read 150+ books. I understand sometimes they’re novellas, or audiobooks, but that’s still fricken amazing!

4. I was a terrible student, but I love school

5. I would much rather…

Watch cartoons or classic Disney movies than watch something with real actors and realistic story lines.

Source: via Tumblr

6. I like being left alone


7. I can watch Seinfeld all day long

Source: via Tumblr

8. My favorite color is…

9. I sometimes wish I was more creative

10. I love webcomics!

Do we have anything in common? I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone, this blog has been with me for a while, and even though I have much to do before I can feel like it’s “my own” and I also feel like I have never been open about myself.

Hi I’m Krys, nice to meet you:)



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