Review: The Port Chicago 50 by Steve Sheinkin

Full Title: The Port Chicago 50: Disaster, Mutiny,
and a Fight for Civil Rights
By: Penguin Random House
Audio Publishing Group
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 3 hrs., 49 mins.
ISBN:  9780804167451



Port Chicago was a historical event for black Americans. When men were being called to arms during World War II, and everybody was passing the medical test, the only men who seemed to be sent to the front lines were white.

Not that this was entirely the issue, the issue was that these men wanted to be more than mules and haul around loaded ammo onto the naval ships; the very ones these boys wished they could take off on and fight the war they had signed up for.

The Port Chicago 50 are a group of men who decided to take a stance and refuse to haul another live missile. They were being accused of mutiny, although none of the men conspired to take over the ranks or the military, they just wanted to be acknowledged and given another job, and wanted the equal treatment. This entire situation became the largest military court hearing ever.

This book is a great addition to grade seven curriculum, although this particular topic is on American history, it can be a good opener to social studies and many discussions.


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Returning to Normalcy

It will be three weeks (on the 24th) since being evacuated from Fort McMurray. I have been fortunate that certain past circumstances has allowed me to be affected at a low-to-medium level, unlike some who’ve lost everything.

I have chosen to not discuss too much of what I have yet to truly see. I believe the initial coming to terms with things will change once allowed back into the city and see what exactly the severity of the damage entails, and then the second wave of reality may set in. It is said that voluntary re-entry is set for the beginning of June, and will be happening in waves which will only happen if conditions and basic infrastructure is ready to accept us all back in. Of course the government has yet to officially announce how they will be helping those who have no home to return to. There’s a lot of open questions waiting their turns to be answered.

That being said, starting next week I will be trying to get some stuff posted. I have been doing some reading, which was very difficult as I didn’t have the attention span to focus on reading anything. But I really want to try and “be normal” again.

So stay tuned for at least one review (maybe two).



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Emergency Hiatus

I am going to make this announcement short and include a few twitter handles that you can visit if you were curious about what people are saying of the wildfires spreading through the north of the province.


I’m going to assume a large number of my readers have read/heard what’s happening in the news in Northern Alberta. Because of this I have been forced out my home and evacuated. Although my family and I are safe, I will decidedly be on a hiatus until further notice – at least until I am back in Fort McMurray and trying to help my friends and family try to rebuild what they have lost.

This is all very difficult and so much has happened in the last 48 hours that it is hard to write.

If you are interested in following the happenings of Fort McMurray, feel free to check out the following tags:


Thank you for the support I’ve received from some of you on Twitter.


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