TOTD: Passion

A Warning

There was a flame, oh! such a tiny flame —
One fleeting hour had spanned its birth and death,
But for a silly child with playful breath
Who fanned it into fury. It became
A mighty conflagration. Ah, the cost!
House, home, and thoughtless child alike were lost.

Lady beware. Fan not the harmless glow
Of admiration into ardent love,
Lean not with red curled smiling lips above
The flickering spark of sinless flame, and blow,
Lest in the sudden waking of desire
Thou, like the child, shalt perish in the fire.

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Poems of Sentiment
Copyright 1911
Gay And Hancock, Ltd., London

Share your own poem on today’s theme, look forward to hearing what you have to share 🙂



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