Review: Fortress of Mist by Sigmund Brouwer

Following Thomas’ conquest of Magnus, the young ruler must now lead his people into a new era – one which is sure to reveal dark forces at work behind the evil undercurrent that controlled Thomas’ kingdom for so long. Who will stand with Thomas to fight against the mysterious Druids? After being abandoned by Sir William, of his remaining “adopted family,” who can he trust? Can he trust either Katherine or Isabelle with his secrets-or his heart?


Published Date: 2013
Series: Merlin’s Immortals (#2)
Source: Review for WaterBrook Press – ebook

We follow the new beginning of our young protagonist, Thomas of Magnus, who seems to meet a strange number of new, and realize the truths behind many of some old characters from the first book. When I originally read The Orphan King (the first of the series), I was bored to tears on how much length and how little I felt involved with the book, fortunately I cannot say the same for Fortress of Mist. I can definitely say I really enjoyed this “episode”, because not only were more of my mental questions being answered but I felt more of the climax. We also get to know more about our character’s long lost “lady-friend”, Katherine. A, supposed, fire-damaged, a “wrapped-her-head-in-a-bandage-and-shunned-by-society” friend. There is also the discussion of Magnus’ dirty little secret of two societies and their century old war to conquer Magnus and throughout they seem to almost take turns to convince Thomas into which group he belongs.

I can’t say much about whether the next book will be better since I didn’t feel as anxious at the end as I did the last time. But now I have questions like: “Why can’t Thomas forgive Katherine for being so deceitful?” or “Why didn’t Katherine do this?” and “Where’s Isabelle?” Do I have your attention? There is definitely a strange love triangle that nobodt is aware of except for the person who’s feeling the lust for the other. The other question has to do with whom does alliance lie for the old guy that “works” at the church, is he good or bad or just a neutral party?

Would I recommend this? Maybe. If you’ve read the first book and felt very unfulfilled, I’d definitely recommend getting your hands on the next copy since it might fill that little gap of your heart that felt so incomplete. I, for one, have decided that if Sigmund Brouwer were to publish a third and possibly a fourth book in the future I’d more than likely consider read them as well until the very end to see who officially conquers, or wins, Magnus and what becomes of Thomas and the rest of “the gang”.

3 Star


Ever read a series you thought you’d really dislike but realize by the next book you were willing to give it a chance?


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