TOTD: Religion

I’ve chosen a very touchy subject but that’s okay! Because that’s the beauty about poetry, it makes any religion sound even more beautiful.

Ye Did It Unto The Least Of These

© Danita Pergerson
We’re in a world so busy
People running everywhere.
Forever looking at our watches
Our minds racing with cares.

We never see that lonely man
Sitting on the street.
We don’t even notice that hungry lady
Struggling in the heat.

Children so needy
Filled with despair.
An old grandma rocking sadly
And no one cares.

We must remember
Jesus left us with a plea…
“Ye did unto the least of these
my brethren, ye did it unto me.”

So what about you?
What about me?
What about the lonely man
Sitting on the street?

Will you reach out
Without a shadow of doubt?
Will you love the least of these
And fulfill Jesus’ plea?

A smile for the lonely man sitting on the street.
A bit of food for the hungry lady struggling in the heat.
A hug for the children so full of despair.
A cheery voice for the old Grandma in the rocking chair.

This seems so simple
Such an easy thing to do.
Let’s reach out for the least of these
And for Jesus too.

Danita Pergerson
July 1990

Source: Looking Beyond Yourself, Ye Did It Unto The Least Of These, Religious Poem


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3 Responses to TOTD: Religion

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  2. Danita Pergerson says:

    I love that poem! I wrote it!

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