TOTD: Spring

A beautiful season, what else should I say? We have been suffering from Old Man Winter’s wrath for too long. This is going to be the extent of my complaints: “Go away snow!”

A Country Path in Late Spring

The path of mossy ground nestled
In between maternal hedgerows,
That overgrew atop, dimming down
The brilliance of the day.
Embosomed, a calm-cool vision –
Abstract takes of nature, in
Leaf-spattered green shades;
Stem-speckled brown hues;
Shards of sunlight percolating
Through the random flaws to
Up glittering sprites upon the leaves.

And avian chatter bounced along the burrow,
Smattered by the crosstalk
Of busybody insects;
But outside the green comfort zone,
Other worlds of other sounds of other life
Otherwise gave a hint of
Other dozy goings on.

Hawthorn filled the air,
Filled the nose,
Filled the head –
Pungency had overpowered all –
Gave the late-spring-early-summer haze.

Here and there a break of colour:
Odd bluebells – escapees from nearby woods –
Blue-blushing bell faces glancing down,
Aware of their erectness in the stem;
The flaming wing of red admirals
Broke through a hedge hole to
Break up the calm backdrop,
While flitting blue tits gave
To greater-bodied animation.

Nature’s warm narration –
The undertones of life.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2010


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Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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5 Responses to TOTD: Spring

  1. I’m so tired of winter! It snowed this weekend, but thankfully all melted today. I’m very ready for the warm weather and flowers and green grass! I’m tired of the grey.

    • Oh I know what you mean. We’ve been getting the insta-melt stuff lately as well and they’re forecasting more rainy-snow this coming weekend. I’m getting the “runner’s itch” and I refuse to go out while there’s still ice on the sidewalks.

      • I would love to run, but my knees can’t handle it 😦 Last year I took it really slowly and still ended up with runner’s knee in both knees. Not the best thing for being home alone with a baby all day

        It was really nice here today! +12C lol

        • Oh geez, +12, we haven’t even reached a day-time high of 12 yet… the forecast is about 6 today, but it was only 1 when I left this morning. So we’ll see how things play out.
          I’ve never had runner’s knee, the only thing I have to be cautious of is a knee that enjoys dislocating without notice. But I’m just excited for warmer days.

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