Monthly Wrap-Up (#1)

So I’ve been seeing a trend from other bloggers writing up a recap of what they’ve managed to accomplish within the week, unfortunately I’m lame and really don’t have enough to brag about after a week. So I figured I’d do a quick review of what you might’ve missed this past month:

– After finally getting over my denial, I’ve finally moved from Google Reader to Bloglovin’, it was great because I moved over two different Google Reader accounts to Bloglovin’ with very little headache. User friendly? I think so.

– April is “National Poetry Month”, therefore in that honor I was posting a single poem with a particular theme. You can view these poems by looking for the category tag “National Poetry Month” or search “National Poetry Month 2013” at the bottom of the page.

– I posted an amazing list of books on behalf of Simon & Schuster Canada for Autism Awareness Day. A great list of books were definitely featured.

– Nearly lost the opportunity to acquire a book because the post office never called me back on a delivery they misplaced.

Here’s a few other things that have caught my attention this month from everybody else:

The best part about Bloglovin’ is I can “like” a post which helps because I can just back and recollect what I’ve enjoyed the most.

– Angela shared a collection of great books she’s found in the month of March (she posted it in April, so it counts ;)) I’m particularly fond of her ‘Library Science’ titles.

– Kelley has been fantastic about sharing her transition from to I’ll definitely be looking for advice from this post when I string up the courage and “just do it”!

My “Q” for you!

What was the most exciting thing for you this month?


About Black ' n Write Reviewer

Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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2 Responses to Monthly Wrap-Up (#1)

  1. Andrew Plait says:

    I love library technicians! Woo hoo! Lib techs are amazing and well informed and stuff. Awesome!

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