Review: Let Me Help! by Alma Flor Ada & Angela Dominguez (Illus.)

A pet parrot tries to help his human family prepare for the Cinco de Mayo festivities in San Antonio, Texas.

Release Date: 2010
Ages: 3+
Source: Borrowed from EPL

I enjoyed the diversity of this vibrantly illustrated childrens book. I specifically borrowed this book to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican day of fiesta. I was a little upset that the author decided to put a disclaimer-form at the beginning of the book explaining certain originations and festivity traditions at the beginning before the actual story, which also told the majority of the story without including characters.

Let Me Help! is a bilingual book, written in both English and in Spanish which would be great if this book is being read in a group with either one or two readers (one reads in English, the other in Spanish) allowing an integration of the languages and expanding the imagination of the listener. However, as ideal as the book can be to be read in two languages, having it read in one is sufficient as well.

I must also conclude by saying that I wasn’t overly impressed with the story line, although written for children between the ages of 4-(maybe)10 there was just something inconclusive to the story itself.

Vibrant colors. Short story line. Accompanying pictures to text. Most young people will enjoy the book and the meaning as it explains the preparatory phase for a single family as they arrange for the celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

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4 Responses to Review: Let Me Help! by Alma Flor Ada & Angela Dominguez (Illus.)

  1. Thanks for reviewing my book Let Me Help! Quiero ayudar!
    It is always very important for me to hear from the readers.
    I appreciate your comments. Usually I just get the enthusiastic letters from teachers and children, so it is beneficial to hear other comments as well. If you contact me directly I will be happy to send you other books.
    All best wishes for you and anyone who reads this post and thanks for encouraging the “magical encounter” between children and books! Alma Flor Ada

    • Thank you very much for your comment Miss Flor Ada. I feel honoured that you have taken the time to read through my review of one of your lovely picture books. I will definitely keep your offer in mind when I clear through some of the books I have recently received for review.
      All the best,

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