Mother’s Day Minis (#2)

I seemed to have overwhelmed myself this time with this theme, but it’s good. I’m enjoying the books I’ve collected. I have actually cancelled some of the books that I was waiting for but I realized it wasn’t worth waiting much longer. So here’s the second series of Mother’s Day mini reviews.

Such an exhausting day for Mother when child decides to play “mother”. Almost like our character Little Critter we enjoy the antics of a child who thinks she can spend the day being mom and the catastrophes that come with it. (2.5 Stars)

A lovely story told with Eskimo or Inuit characters. “Dear One”, or the child, asking her mother various questions on the degrees of her mother’s love. It’s a touching little story with a lot of traditional art, and the mention of very commonly-known animals and artifacts of the region and culture. (3.5 Stars)

This adorable little narrative of a bear cub of his or her mom is quite nice and the illustrations are beautiful and airy and light. A relatable story of the kinds of activities a parent and their young would partake in. (3 Stars)

A very interesting story and watching the

juxtaposed characters as Aunt Imogene is showered with gifts from her son Fred and how mom is given nothing but the simplest of gifts. Material goods aren’t everything, and this story makes sure to make the moral loud and clear. (4 Stars)

Lots of fun clichés and idioms that aren’t used as often as they were in the past. But this fun book filled with not only a great poem but also with facts and explanations to the phrases on each page. (3 Stars)

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