Review: The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno

Published: 2009
By: Robert Kennedy Publishing
Series: Eat-Clean Diet
Source: EPL – Borrowed
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781552100677

The Eat-Clean Diet helped readers understand how to stay healthy and lean forever. Three years later, hundreds of thousands of superstars, personal trainers and regular everyday people have overcome their weight and health problems by following The Eat-Clean Diet.



I’m reviewing this book more for my benefit. Although, if some of you have read some of my other posts in the past, you might now I do enjoy trying to be a smidge healthy. But lately I’ve been slacking, so I figured borrowing this book would be a good way to kick-start my mentality back to reality and remind me that I need to go back to being healthy.

Tosca Reno is a well-known author and Eat-Clean advocate and user, well actually I’m pretty sure she’s the one who started the Eat-Clean Club.. I made that one up! But anyhow, Tosca has available several resources to help people get back to what our ancestors knew when it came to living long, healthy lives. Who doesn’t want that?

A well illustrated book with more advice than you generally get in one sitting with your dietitian. An index to help you find something specific. Meal plan ideas, grocery lists for several different lifestyles, whether that’s vegan, family, gluten-free, and different lists associated to “cooler menus” offered. A whole chapter on recipes! They all look super-duper tasty, and I look forward to try a few out.

I’m not trying to convince you to buy this book, it’s great nonetheless and I think that if you’re looking for some advice to get back to healthy (if you ever were straying) than maybe give this book a second glance.

3 Starsignature


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