Mini Reviews: Father’s Day

I decided not to go overboard like I did with the Mother’s Day themed posts and just decided to get a handful of books and do a bunch of minis. Here’s what I have, enjoy!

Day Out with Daddy: This is a great story of a little boy and the adventure filled day he spent with Daddy. Such a great day the two have while mom is away, if only mommy knew what those two were really up to. (3.5 Stars)

The Best Father’s Day Present Ever: Langley thought having an allowance would be an amazing thing this year. Knowingly he could spend some of this hard earned cash on an awesome gift for Mr. Snail. Although when he finally got to the store he was welcomed with a big sign saying they were closed early for Father’s Day. What was Langley to do? Fortunately on his way home he figured something out and it turned out to be a great gift. (4.5 Stars)

A Father’s Song: A beautiful poem with amazing illustrations to go along with it. The promise and effort of a father for his child, it’s quite nice and the rhythm of the words is very soothing. Great recommendation! (3.5 Stars)




It’s the Best Day Ever, Dad!: I can’t say I’m impressed.. The narration feels off. Or I feel funny about the entire thing. The illustrations are great, very well done to illustrate the story, but not the greatest picture book I’ve read lately. (2.5 Stars)



Average Rating:
3.5 Stars, but for picture sake…

4 Star signature


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