BA Posting Challenge, Week 15

Hosted by Bookish Ardour, here’s a blurp I’ve excerpted from the topics section of her blog in regards to this challenge:

In an effort to consistently create content on BA I thought I would take part in a 30 day blogging challenge… At first I thought why not do that for 30 weeks and then realized that was close to six months, so why not 26 weeks instead? Then I thought what if other bloggers want to have a challenge to keep up with blogging, but also don’t want to blog every single day? This is why I have come up with the 26 Posts Book Blog Challenge and am sharing it with everyone. This challenge has a focus on books, book blogs, and personal topics scattered throughout.

Interested? Check out her blog here.

This week’s topic: 

Share or Overshare: Do you think there is a limit to how much personal information people should share on a book blog?

I think it all depends on the kind of blog the person is keeping. If, for instance, it’s a personal blogger who also has photos of themselves, their children and their dog plus a family history, their weekly grocery list and their workout routine, but has also chosen to review books that they’ve read then it’s their prerogative.

Content of a blog is strictly up to the blogger. Sure there’s limits to what could be posted ie: You just broke up with you significant other and you need a place to vent, well perhaps an anonymous public forum is better than publicly shaming the size of your ex’s member. I’m just saying.

Blogs, thankfully, are a “post-at-your-own-discretion” and not only that is we, as readers, can’t expect everybody to adhere to the “review only” policy. Another example, this blog challenge actually requires people to be a little more personal. We are “expected” to be a little more open and talk about stuff other than typical things such as books and “Waiting on Wednesday” (I’m just saying, nothing to be offended by, I love WoW :))

Use at your own risk. Is how I see it, just like anything else on the World Wide Web.

What do you think? Do you agree with the point or are you completely against it? Let’s discuss 🙂



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Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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