#blog2013 Wrap-Up

It’s the final leg of WordCount’s Blogathon 2013 and I’m happy to say that everyday this month has had something new, which was my greatest fear. A new post each and every day. Thank goodness this is almost over though. Some people seem to have something good to add even without the incentive of a blogathon but me, on the other hand, I’m still the sporadic kind. I enjoy having a little more leeway in getting my stuff nicely written and ensuring the I understand my book completely before I actually get around to posting a review.

Fortunately with the number of memes out there for book blogs, it helps fill some of the space, I can definitely attest to this, if it weren’t for some of the memes I would definitely not have had enough content for an entire month. Some of the memes I partake in regularly are: Waiting on Wednesday, In My Mailbox, Top 10 Tuesday, and Friday Finds *links will bring you to the hosts* These are also a few memes I would recommend – just sayin’.

For nearly two weeks I was fully prepped and had more scheduled posts than I thought I could have and once the third week rolled around I was scrambling. It was tough. I was having trouble keeping up with the books, the memes, the emails, work. I would visit the library and wind up on a computer updating something. It gets nerve wrecking! Speaking of which I need to go to the library and pick up my audiobook that I have on hold 🙂 – Stay tuned!

What I’ve learned:

– I know how to plan ahead! Well, I’ve taken full advantage of my Google Calendar which is nice because if there was a meme I wanted to post for I set up a 24 hour in advance notice to remind me – super handy.
– Super reader! Actually not really, I did take more time out of my days to read more often. I also took advantage of the selection of audiobooks at my local library. It’s nice because I would also post quick-stop reviews on my public library’s website and the audiobooks allow me to finish a single book in a couple of days unlike a regular book would take me sometimes a week or two to finish. Speed reading at it’s finest 😉

What I’d like to improve:

I suppose in this instance I’d love to get a proper format of my reviews. My alternative posts are very random as well and I guess those could use a hand (or two) but I’m not as disappointed in them as I am with my regular review posts. At this point don’t be surprised if my review posts from January look different a year from now and in between as I tweak them until I’m fully content with my content.. haha see what I did there 😀

If you were participating in #blog2013 what have you learned this month that you’d love to share with the rest of the class? Any tidbits you think you’d change about the whole event? 



About Black ' n Write Reviewer

Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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