Review: Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

Published: 2009
By: Highbridge Company
Series: Impulse
Source: EPL
Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 9781598877564

Three teens who have attempted suicide meet in a psychiatric hospital, battle their demons, and begin to heal. 
The handsome son of wealthy parents, Connor has everything anyone could want except his family s love and affection. Jailed for years after killing his mother s child-molesting boyfriend, Tony is confused about his sexuality. Manic-depressive Vanessa cuts herself. All three stories intertwine in a brutally honest story about pain and resilience.


Tony says,

I should cry, I want to cry. All I can do is feel ice cold.

There should be a warning on books like these. I’m not saying it was bad, but it was definitely an intense six hour session of the reality of what could really be biting into the psyche of a suicide victim. The drive. The reasoning. The things that some people can have full control over in their lives while others struggle to an intensity that would lead them to desperate decisions in hopes it would solve their problems. Sometimes it does, leaving behind them a trail of pain and disbelief of those who loved them. Other times it only results in being dropped off at the door of a hospital with promises of healing and self-resolution and (hopefully) peace.

Impulse, what can I say about this book that could make it seem worth your while. It would be. Unless of course you are the type of person who succumbs to triggers. Yes, this book is not for the “weak” – no that’s not saying that you are weak or a person who has or is hurting themselves is weak, it’s merely saying that if you’re recovering from something this does have “trigger-like” impressions. Especially when you hear Vanessa talk about the euphoria of cutting herself. I won’t go into detail.

A wicked love triangle that eventually breaks into a straight line. Vanessa, whom I thought was just this average girl, seems to give men a rise (yes, that kind of rise). Has two lovely guys drooling over her and trying their best to keep her safe, make her feel wanted, and she is. Connor and Tony: Connor is being pushed by his parents for this thriving success as well as the pressure of constantly being compared to his ever-greatest fraternal twin sister. Tony is a sexually confused teen. He thought he was gay (I figure by association) but had never known the real feeling for “love”, especially when it came to being with someone of the opposite sex.

These three kids are inseparable. I really didn’t expect the ending that came from this book and it also terrifies me to read/listen to the second book on this trilogy. The thoughts. Feelings. Overall emotion of this series seems to make me want to curl up in a dark hole. But I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who’s looking for a book that themes around romance, teen suicide or mental illness in general.

5 Starsignature


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