Oh Canada!


Hey everybody! Happy (eve of) Canada Day, I’m using the final day of #blog2013 to wish all my fellow Canadians a happy Canada Day! I hope you have all learned something new on your month-long blogging adventure and I’d love to hear the #1 thing you have realized while doing all your writing.

Usually I’d be doing a wrap-up for the end of this month but I’ll make an exception 😉

The WordCount Blogathon

One thing I learned throughout the month of June is I am fully capable of multitasking. Although I don’t like reading more than one book at a time, I did it this time and I felt a lot better knowing that I’d have some fun stuff to post for my readers.

My most favorite book that I completed this month was Code Name Verity – which was actually an audiobook, but who’s counting – and the runner up was The Christian Mama’s Guide to Pregnancy. Two very opposite genres but both were almost equally entertaining.

Planning ahead. Being part of several memes helped me accomplish having something to post regularly. It also allowed me an extra day or two to finish a book and get a review prepped and scheduled. That’s an advantage; mindless memes equals an extra day before your regular programming needs to be posted.

Although I’ve realized I’m still not too popular, it’s nice to see I’m getting new visitors regularly. I love to know when I might’ve “convinced” somebody to read something they’d never generally think of picking up while visiting their local bookstore or hearing from an author thanking me for featuring an interest in one of their upcoming releases. It’s truly flattering that somebody will take time out of their browsing to say something quick (it also makes my efforts to contribute to the Blogosphere worth while).

Something I think I might start posting is a blogger confessional (kind of), I once saw a themed Blogger Confessions post on another blog and I thought this was a good idea, but since I can’t remember who I saw from please feel free to let me know! Otherwise, I will be posting my own variation – and probably still will if I knew who started this form of meme – where I use my little nook of blogging to discuss something that I find interesting in relation to the book or blogging lifestyle. But honestly if you know who started the “Blogger Confession” thing, please, let me know!

I’m sorry I made this super lengthy, but you have to once in a while! But please enjoy this lovely video by IndigoChapters Youtube channel.

Happy Canada Day everybody! 🙂



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