Weekly Round Up (#2)

I’m soooo behind on sharing things! So if I’m linking you guys up to something from three weeks ago, I’m sorry, that’s proof of how little time I seem to be spending in the blogosphere!

On My Reviews
(since July 22)

This is kind of part of the gig, let’s me do a bit of bragging on what you might’ve missed this week 😉

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins – 4.5 Stars

On Audio-stuff

BookRiot presents: 25 Audiobooks librarians want you to take on your next roadtrip

On Blogger Convos

Lili opens discussion on the “human flaw” in literature. Great read with fun Gifs 🙂
Kelly J talks “Girl Problems“, it’s a super long read, but super worth every word of it!

On miscellaneous tidbits in the book blogging world

Consider this a little cheat sheet if you would… I’ve gathered some great stuff that you should really consider while on your blogging adventure 🙂

– If you don’t like graphs and charts than this post is not for you, other wise this is an awesome post on the “ins and outs All About ARCs” by Kelly J
– Ashley at Nose Graze gives some great insight on the “what-to-knows” of using an image on your blog. This is kind of important for us book cover upload from GR users.

On Other Fun Stuff I found that’s NOT book related

Does it hurt if once in a while I see a really cool craft or DIY project or recipe that I’d like to share? Well, I’m going to anyway 😉

– BookRiot posts some great advice and links to how to manage your time wisely, useful for both bloggers and regular Joes.
– Anna highly recommends My Mad Fat Diary, which is a British show based on the memoirs of Rae Earl published from her teenage diaries. I’ve never watched any of the episodes but her argument seemed compelling.
– Are you the crafty type? Well, Jen at Jen Loves Kev gives a quick tutorial on a DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar! If I only had the space 😦

Thanks it for now 🙂

My question of the week:

How’s your week coming along? Any plans for the weekend?



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I'm a junior high librarian finding her way into the lives of her students through the art of literature.
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