Weekly Round Up (#5)

What You Might’ve Missed
(since Aug. 12th)


Other Antics

  • My A to Z Survey which has been circulating like crazy! (It’s not really mine)

Staying Savy and Techie

  • Expecting? Or know a geeky couple expecting? Perhaps include one of these fun books in the shower gift basket.
  • For those audiophiliacs with broken headphones. A DIY on how you might be able to fix your favorite ‘phones.

Blogger Convos
Join the conversations 🙂

Other Reviews and Featured Books

Book Related Stuff


My Question for the week:

Would you consider marrying in a bookstore?



About Black ' n Write Reviewer

I'm a junior high librarian finding her way into the lives of her students through the art of literature.
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3 Responses to Weekly Round Up (#5)

  1. Yes, I would most definitely consider marrying in a bookstore. Or a library. Or, though unrelated to the book theme, in a zoo even. Give it that little extra bit of different 😉

    • A zoo wouldn’t be too bad.. Which “continent” would you prefer? I’d say safari/Africa but that’s just me haha
      I’ve been seeing a great theme of people getting married in libraries or bookstores of where they first met or a first date, something! So I’m glad somebody shares that same idea 🙂
      I want a big library wedding :p

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