My Confessions: Blog Colors

Hey everybody,

so I’m working on blog colors right now. I’m working with very little since I have’t paid for a theme and I’ll probably stick to WordPress’s freebies for a while long but in the meantime I’m just playing around with color(s).

Now from what you see at first sight is I changed the background, nothing special really I uploaded a picture to Color Hunter and they give me a great color palette to work with. This is my go-to thought for now.

I’ve created a few new headers for weekly posts. I just have a few more to work on but other than that I’m feeling quite pleased since I’m creating them all by myself (I feel like a grownup now!)

My Question

How often do you change your theme? What instigates said change? Do you make a big dramatic alteration or something barely noticeable? I’d love to hear your thoughts and possibly ideas or tips on how to make changes easy or perhaps practical?



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15 Responses to My Confessions: Blog Colors

  1. I just changed my blog as well. I’m quite restless when it comes to themes and such. I just need change every once in a while and when I do it’s pretty drastic 😛

    But looking good!

  2. I just changed my look a week ago. I just change it every couple months or sooner because I get bored and I always get jealous of everyone else’s cool layouts haha. I’m not good at creating anything special so when I change mine it’s just background color and font.

    • Thanks for the comment!
      I wish there was an easier way of changing some others things. Like my text color without manualing doing it every time or I’d love to change the background color where my text is posted. But I’m seeing other people have done it so I may have to do a little bit of investigating 😉

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  4. Ashley says:

    I try not to change my blog design too often. It’s fine if you tweak things here and there, but I think you should limit the number of “total overhauls” you do. Your blog design is a representation of your “brand”. People identify your design/layout with your blog, and that’s what makes it easily recognizable. If you change it too many times, people have a harder time visualizing your blog when they see your blog name!

  5. Lizzy says:

    I generally switch it up every six months. I’m overdue for a new change, but I’m really in love with my current theme. I don’t think that I’ll ever do a complete rehaul again, since (like Ashley said) it has a brand recognition now.

    I hired a designer for my blog because my artistic skills suck.

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