Weekly Round Up (#8)


What you might’ve missed…

What I’m Up To…

Listening to Miss Peregrine’s
Home for
Peculiar Children
by Ransom Riggs

Also, I forgot to mention that on my last day of work I managed to get my hands on a $25 gift card to Chapters. I know! I’m super excited that I get to spend somebody else’s money to buy more books =D

Booky Discussions….

Other Bookish Delights…

  • Check out Stephanie’s new wallpaper
  • Beth F. shows off some fancy baking she did a weekend ago. (and this cake sounds delish)
  • Hannah has a slight obsession with May Books

My thoughts for this week…

What’s up with all these current dystopian books? I did a quick Google search and found out Dystopian-style books have been around since the 19th Century. Now, obviously, you might never find some of the books but people may have to start checking out how authors from back in the day thought the future was going to be like. Maybe their definition of dystopia is very different from ours. Now, I don’t mean future as “in 2014 we will flying saucers instead of electric cars”, but I’m sure for some people, electric cars were nothing but a mere fantasy and would’ve fit in the Dystopian genre of the day.

I know, I’m in no better position criticizing, just because I haven’t read too far back in the Dystopian genre bookshelf but I’m not promoting Divergent, and all those others, maybe Cinder but you know.. all in time.

My question of the week…

What do you think? Is Dystopia the phase that is becoming overdone or not done enough?



About Black ' n Write Reviewer

I'm a junior high librarian finding her way into the lives of her students through the art of literature.
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