Friday Finds (#27)

As promised, only a week’s worth of finds.

This week I’ve been busy with offline stuff. Since I moved I’ve been actively looking for a job, which is a lot more difficult than I expected. Perhaps when I was in high school it was easier because I was looking for retail jobs, which seem to be the easier things to snag. I’m trying to be the adult now, and those jobs are harder to find 😦

So, I decided to add some very classic titles, yes, you’ve probably heard of them, but that’s okay. These are titles I’ve also known of but had never really been interested in. Thanks for a new acquaintance who admitted they learnt how to speak and read Russian in order to read the really classic stuff, and followed through by speaking a bit of Russian. I was impressed, in awe, infatuated, and was also influence to do 2 things: 1) Become interested in Russian authors and what they’ve written, 2) Learn to speak Russian. I know at least one of these two things I’ll achieve, wanna guess which? 😉


The Classics



Has somebody or something ever inspired you to read a classic that you never thought you’d expect yourself to read in your entire life?


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I'm a junior high librarian finding her way into the lives of her students through the art of literature.
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