Weekly Round Up (#15)

What you may have missed…

Nothing! HA! Because I’ve been so preoccupied with getting my life organized with this job and trying to get some reading in which has been unsuccessful except for those times where I’ll bring the book with me to the loo. Oh yes, a confession, I read while I’m on the toilet – so sue me. I probably get a good amount of reading while I’m on the can and I ain’t going to quit. Just saying.

But quite honestly I’ve been a very bad kitty and have not been doing any good amount of reading. I withdrew a number of books 2 weeks ago and have yet to read them all. I’ve read one. I’m 3/4 of a way through another and the other two I need to dig out from under the bed before the cats start using it as a scratching board (I’m kidding about the last part mind you).

This past week I’ve posted two things, both of which I practically just wrote a month ago and scheduled it. One:

The promoting of Hard Luck which is the eighth installment of Jeff Kinney’s series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I mostly did it in honor of the fact that I should hopefully be getting the books that were pre-ordered during my book very shortly if not tomorrow or next week. As well as the fact that my new age group of students at my school will be very excited when I can finally order the book 😀

The other was the final arrangement for my October wrap up, which quite honestly went really well. The month that is, not the wrap up. October was a fantastic month of posting and reading and I hope to have another one like it in the near future 😀

Otherwise, moving on to the more exciting stuff n’esse pas?

Bloggers who are ranting, raving, and whatnoting…

Final Thoughts…

I realize I may not have a lot, but hopefully this long weekend I’ll hunker down and get some stuff done – or sleep… Either way, here’s my thoughts/ponderings for this week. How are you guys using Bloglovin’ to its fullest capabilities? I find myself “liking” posts for reviews on books I intend on reading in the future, but don’t want to read the review yet and eventually want to get my two-cents in. Or I’m just overall liking something until I can properly read it fully. I don’t like to load up my list, because if say a blogger did an awesome post on kittens and I decide I want to use that for a weekly wrap but haven’t created the post yet, I’ll “save” that post by liking it so I can backtrack – does that make any sense?

Any how, I seem to have a lot to say but little time to say it. But, yea, how do you use Bloglovin’?

Also, if you’re awesome and respectful – I’m not sure how much of this would apply to Americans, but Canadians, take this into consideration:


Oh post-script!

I read the worst book that I couldn’t get around to actually including it on my DND list. It was a parody of The Hunger Games; The Hunger Pains. It was wrong. So-so-so wrong.


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I'm a junior high librarian finding her way into the lives of her students through the art of literature.
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