Weekly Round Up (#16)

Another week has come and gone, low and behold, I have more links to share 🙂

What you may have missed…

I purposely packed my week. Well, not packed, but I’ve definitely started keeping a tighter grip on posting more consistently. Hoping to get 365 posts by the end of the year. And those don’t include the random dumb (my opinion, not yours ;))


I really enjoyed reading Russell Peter’s biography Call Me Russell. It’s a fun read, but at the same time you feel like you’re watching him on stage performing a routine.

Another book I managed to review this week was Mitch Albom’s The Five People you Meet in Heaven, it’s a super quick read but very endearing. Depending on your emotional stability, you might cry. Just a word of warning.


Have you signed up for the 2014 TBR Pile Challenge? I have! I have so many books that I’d love to read, in all honesty though, about 98% of my books were published before 2013. So I will have no issue contributing. My goal is to read between 21 and 30 books, which should be a sinch since I’m on my way to a total of 100 books in 2013. 😀

Bloggers who are ranting, raving, and whatnoting…

Final thoughts…

I’ve been a more avid user of my public library, which is awesome, it’s just too darn bad they don’t deliver. lol

Right now I’m in the process of reading Machete Season which is going to be heart wrenching but what else can you expect when you read about the personal accounts of the contributors of the Rwandan genocide?

After that I’ll be reading David Sedaris’ book Squirrel meets Chipmunk. I was told I would like this book, so I’m just reading it to say I did. Just like when I listened to the audiobook of I hope they serve beer in hell.

I managed to have a few scheduled reviews for next month, one being the second book for Laurie Halse Anderson’s series Seeds of America. I’m really liking this series, and it definitely gives you an interesting perspective into the life of slaves around this particular war. Didn’t read my review for Chains? Click the link.

Hopefully your weekends were amazing and that you managed to get in a good amount of reading time. I’m currently in the process of contemplating a purchase for my bedroom.

Cheers y’all!



About Black ' n Write Reviewer

I'm a junior high librarian finding her way into the lives of her students through the art of literature.
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