Post-view: Catching Fire

No. No. No. Okay, that was okay. Insert a couple of WTFs and that would just about summarize my feelings of this movie. No word of a lie I felt like I was having subconscious movie trailers before actually seeing this movie. The other thing was they cut so many parts from the book for this movie.

What happened to the awesome script?! The Hunger Games had an awesome script, but Catching Fire had a script that sounded so robotic. Although the one time I thought was super cute was when President Snow’s grand-daughter tells her grand-father (actor Donald Sutherland) that she wants to love somebody as strongly as Katniss and Peeta do for each other. Super cute! I actually could help but nod in agreement to this statement.

Granted this movie was two-and-a-half hours long, but they cut out so many things that it made me sad, and oh-so obvious. I did fall in love with so much that the director did for this movie, and not only that so many people that were cast for this movie my mouth just dropped because I either had the exact image of that actor in my head when reading, or I had a “shit, that’s not who I wanted to play [so-so’s] part”, I had more of the latter though.

Another thing this movie focused a lot on that, perhaps I overlooked during the reading, is the very forced appeal of the romance between Peta and Katniss. There was a lot of kissing and it was super close-ups! Excellent lighting, mind you, if everybody who kissed like that could only look that good. I’d be locked-lipped all the time 😉

Another thing is I knew this was going to happen and at least the movie ended well and didn’t leave such a cliffhanger (Unlike Harry Potter;)). I knew there was going to be one. Like, my God, Mockingjay! Obviously there’s going to be a cliffhanger and I look forward to seeing the last movie.

4 Star

Dear Mr. Director & Producers;
Don’t make me wait too long to see the next movie. Thank you muchly, your humble viewing servant.


Post Script!

I honestly cannot wait for the third movie and not only that I’ve resolved I will not buy a single movie until they bring out the box set. Yup, I’m that obsessed 😉


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