Review: My Big Mouth by Peter Hannan

Actual Title: My Big Mouth: 10 Songs I
Wrote that Almost Got Me Killed
Published: 2011
By: Scholastic Press
Series: Standalone
Source: Work
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9780545162104

Davis Delaware is not from Delaware. But try telling that to everyone at his new school. When you move in the middle of ninth grade, people are going to think whatever they want about you. If they pay attention at all.

Blending in is fine with Davis. He just wants to doodle in his notebook. Make a few friends. Not rock the boat.

Easier said than done.

Because when he starts a band called The Amazing Dweebs with beautiful Molly and nerdy Edwin, Davis rocks the boat big-time. And all that rocking gets the attention of school bully Gerald “the Butcher” Boggs. Now Davis is suddenly king of the school — and the Butcher’s next target.

This can’t end well.


Meet Davis Dela-who? Delaware. After his mom dies, Davis’ dad decides it’s time for a change of scenarie. So moving from Newark to “A-Small-Town”, USA, and is registered in a new school half-way through the year. Awkward, daunting, and with Gerald “The Butcher” and Mr. Shettle riding his butt like they were VIPs of the school, the only thing that makes being there worthwhile is Molly.

Molly is this super smart, indie-esque girl who is friends with everyone. So when Davis overheard Molly and her very strange friend, Edwin, talking about how “un-cool” it’d be to start a band to try to beat Gerald’s band at the Rock around the dock annual fundraising event. Give them some comptetion.

Davis offers to help them get started. He half-vouched that he was capable of writing lyrics. By his capacity he managed to do more than become a lyricist, he became a poet. Unintentionally winning the hearts of many and within a few weeks Davis became the school’s Edgar Allan Poe. What happens next?


This is a really quick read! It reminded me frequently of Diary of Wimpy Kid with its random doodlings, funky names and just overall randomness. The story is super simple about teen romance, heartbreak, trials and troubles. Davis is your typical teenager. Defiant, rebellious, trying to be seen with making one. He’s a love-sick puppy for a girl who loves to play mind games and he apparently “kisses like a fish”.

The characters are nicely developed and like earlier, simple. You can’t go wrong with this book as it is humourous and makes for very little ho-huming. The pages include fun doodles, flip-book art in the corner of the book, and notebook style notes from crumpled papers. Light and simple, awesome book for somebody who has a couple of hours to spare!

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