NY Challenge 2014 (#7)

This New Year’s Challenge is brought to you by Parajunkee.
Starting January 1st until January 14th. Why don’t you join us?

Day 7

Top 10 Book Blogger Pet Peeves…

  1. Lack of grammar checks or punctuation. A typo here and there is minor, but I’ve seen some pretty ratchet blogs that have very little grammar check, or punctuation involved. I get the need for individualization but if you can’t capitalize ‘i’ when it should be ‘I’, then what am I doing reading your stuff?
  2. More memes, less reviews. It’s not that memes are terrible, but they do get annoying when all you do is fill in about 75% of your content with memes. I know I’m not perfect, but I only try to stick to a few memes that aren’t mandatory participation but I do it because I’m excited about something (Waiting on Wednesday) or if I really like the topic (Top 10 Tuesday), otherwise everything else is mine.
  3. Bloggers that don’t make an effort to respond to comments regardless how petty they may seem. I get it you’re busy, we’re all busy. If we aren’t blogging, we’re reading, if we aren’t doing those two things then we are trying maintain a “regular” life. It’s not wrong! But I do appreciate a blogger who’ll comment on mine -or anybody else’s- stuff. Even if it offers a little bit of constructive criticism.
  4. Flashy homepage. If it starts lagging the system or if I can’t find anything, your blog is really not worth my time. If your content is great, but I your blog is overruled by adverts and GIFs, what am I even doing?
  5. … yea I think I’m done. I’m starting to go off topic!

What are your biggest blogger pet peeves?



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Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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