Review: A Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

Published: 2012
By: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Series: WondLa
Source: Work
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9781416983125

Before the end of The Search for WondLa, Eva Nine had never seen another human, but after a human boy named Hailey rescues her along with her companions, she couldn’t be happier. Eva thinks she has everything she’s ever dreamed of, especially when Hailey brings her and her friends to the colony of New Attica, where humans of all shapes and sizes live in apparent peace and harmony.
But all is not idyllic in New Attica, and Eva Nine soon realizes that something sinister is going on—and if she doesn’t stop it, it could mean the end of everything and everyone on planet Orbona. Three illustrations trigger a 3-D Augmented Reality flying game that mimics action in the novel.
Featuring an abundance of lavish two-color illustrations and spot art throughout and introducing a host of remarkable characters that reinforce the importance of friendship, A Hero for WondLa has all the hallmarks of a classic book—of the future.


In the first book, The Search for Wondla, we are introduced to the young protagonist, Eva Nine, and how she is forced out of her underground Sanctuary into a world that neither she or her Muthr care-giver were prepared for. During her transition through the scary new world she meets an alien, Rovender, and he becomes the closest thing to a father figure for Eva after Muthr gives her life to save the girl. By the end of the book Eva encounters her first human, a young retriever in a worn out rocket named Hailey.

Moving forward to the next book. Hailey takes Eva to the human city of New Attica (doesn’t that vaguely like “New America”?). Rovender was taken to see the sights by Hailey’s 200-years-old grandfather, Van Turner. All new reboots, as Eva learns this is what they call Sanctuary born humans like herself, must be brought to the registrars office of New Attica. In the waiting room we meet Cadmus Pryde, the long time founder of this whole program! The creator. He also gives off this God-like aire about himself. Cadmus sends Hailey on his way with a promise of new parts for his rocket Bijou. Eva feels set up and abandoned as she’s taken on mini-tour through the registrar office.

About New Attica, it’s everything one might want in an awesome 22-3rd century city. We are all called by name as we step into pod-like taxis that hover over nothing. Nobody gets sick because the air is constantly purified, the food is flavored pellets, we are rationed with quota cards that are used to pay for everything from dinner to new emote-attire. Plus you’re surrounded by your peers.

The 3 Gens

Once Eva was registered, Cadmus introduced Eva to his daughter Gen whom would give the grand tour of the city. Her, along with two more girls (The Three Gens), tried to make Eva into something she’s not. New clothes, new food, the works! And called her stories of the outside world fairytales.

Before the night of powering down Eva was supposed to go back to the Registrar’s office to find out where she was going to be housed. Needless to say she was too late and was told to come back the next morning. Frustrated and fearful, because the city is patrolled by the robots throughout the night, Eva finds herself creeping into the bird sanctuary. However she realizes she is not alone.

Fast forward, Eva, along with her found sister Eva Eight, Nadeau a Caerulean alien that had been abducted and used for experimentation, Huxley a Mirthian, Rovender, and Hailey all lead the escape New Attica. After many twists and turns through the tunnels behind walls they finally reach the hangar where Hailey was also tricked into going for repairs for his rocket. Hailey was snatched and about to have himself lobotomized. Everybody escapes, almost.

Sadly, this is all within the first few chapters and I’d hate to write several paragraphs and ruin the story for you. But once again, just like the first book, I was completely enthralled with the details and included images of the book. The story like doesn’t miss a thing, and you just can’t help but feel captivated and get the “feels” for Eva as she’s going through

Eva is on her way to Lacus to convince Cadmus that he’s making a mistake. Here Rovee is tying the rope for his tribe’s council around her waist, telling her that leadership is not passed down but earned.

problems when her sister crashes a Caerulean ship to get the Virus Vitae generator before Cadmus and attempt to bargain with him but in the midst of the crash Eva winds up having broken ribs and a punctured lung. The find the generator, but it was nothing like Eva had imagined.

It’s a fascination to see how the author, Tony DiTerlizzi, put Orbona (new Earth) into this very beautifully on paper. Giving the right amount of imagery where needed. Once again I would highly recommend this book, and cannot wait for the third one early this year!

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