Review: Little Monkey Calms Down by Michael Dahl

Published: 2014
By: Capstone Young Readers
Source: NetGalley
Format: Ebook
ISBN:  9781623700409

This is a great little book to help teach young ones how to take better control of their temper tantrums. Which are okay, but not so much as to create a scene. Also reminding them that parents are always around for a snuggly hug to help relax.

The images are quick and vibrant to accompany the short text. Getting the message out clearly and keep the attention of the young listener of the story. Some of the images could also help with a “show ‘n tell” kind of aspect like: What color is Monkey’s blanky?

I’d recommend it for the publishers intended audience of ages 2-4. It will be available in board book, so it’ll be sturdy and will come to good use during those teething sessions.

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