Blogger Confessions: True or False

Working in a school library has brought its challenges, but the one challenge I have constantly come up against is students who claim that they hate reading.

I have students who’ll focus all their effort on reading graphic novels, which is okay… to an extent. Obviously I don’t argue with these kids, however, when the teacher insists their students checkout at least one novel, I try to put a little more effort into helping them to find something more substantial than Diary of a Wimpy Kid! This seems pretty simple, my library holds over 7,000 books. Most of which are fiction. So, needless to say, I am always in constant disbelief that they will say things like:
– “I only read books on cars.”
– “Books are boring.”
– etc…
I would then feign shock and awe at the statement and I will repeatedly say: “You just haven’t found the right book.” Am I wrong? Being junior high students there obviously is A LOT more available than there was when they were in middle school or preschool. There’s more than  Dystopian genres and Agatha Christie. The sad part is there’s nothing I can recommend if they aren’t willing to try. So what do I do?

Honestly, I think I just let the teacher deal with the super picky students, but last week was parent teacher interviews and that’s when parents find out that their child isn’t reading like they’d like them to. It’s another shock ‘n awe moment. The same student I would typically see wander through the stacks pretending to be interested is actually asking me for help. I can finally ask them about books they like to read about, what the topics are, where can I go from there.

This particular student was constantly browsing the ever intimidating “big” books. The regular YA stuff, the stuff that doesn’t always appeal to a kid who has no huge interest. But that’s the thing, some of them forget there’s always another option. I managed to direct this student to our Hi-Lo section (High Interest- Low Readability). This is’t assuming that this student couldn’t read bigger and better, but honestly I pointed out a brand new series I purchased: Port City High by Shannon Freeman. She couldn’t but the book down, she was actually excited!

I’m hoping that once we come back from our week long break, she’ll come withdraw the next book of the series 🙂 *fingers crossed*

So what do you think guys? Is there a book for anybody? Or are some people going to always continue to read their motorcycle magazines and graphic novels?



About Black ' n Write Reviewer

Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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8 Responses to Blogger Confessions: True or False

  1. There is always a book out there for everyone. Sometimes it just takes awhile for them to find it. I kinda wish I worked in a library because it would be fun to help people find books they love 🙂

    • They “would” love… you missed that part haha
      Yea, it’s fun, but oh-so frustrating because, especially in a school library, you’re limited to what you can recommend. Fortunately, I use Goodreads in the background so I can pull up the title of a book they really liked and get recommendations of what they should read next.
      I always prefer just gaining the acknowledgement from the students when they say “Miss that book you suggested is really good!”.

      • Yes, books that they “would” I was such a book nerd (and still am). I used to get the literacy award every year in middle school. Which was basically for whoever took the most books out of the library in a year… This was because I would take 3-4 books home every night to read, and actually read them all. The librarian really got to know me. I read so much that even though I only started back at the school halfway through the year one year (we moved a lot), I still got the award. I just loved

        • Wow. That’s impressive, although I think we were only limited to 2-3 books at a time I don’t think I ever attempted to surpass the limit. I was such a goodie two-shoes. But I did read a lot. Read books from my teachers’ classroom libraries, read from my personal books, etc… Never lonely 😉

  2. Yes there is totally a book for everybody! I mean…I guess there are certain rare circumstances when people just aren’t going to be readers (like, my grandfather has ADHD and can’t for the life of him make it through a book because he gets so bored and distracted). But, mostly, I think that people who aren’t readers just aren’t reading the RIGHT books. They think that books constitute the stuff that they make you read in high school and that’s it. But that’s so not true. It bothers me a lot when people say that they’re not “into books” or whatever. Like…what is wrong with you? haha. Books are amazing. Maybe I’m just biased, but I really do think that inside everybody is a book-obsessed alter-ego waiting to pop out.

    • Haha I appreciate your honesty. Although, I’m not sure if the whole “book-obsessed alter-ego waiting to pop out” really is something to be concerned about, however, I’m okay with getting them to read at least something, ya know?

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