Review: Geek Fantasy Novel by E. Archer

Published: 2011
By: Scholastic Press
Source: FMPL
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9780545160407


Ralph had a terribly boring upbringing. He had very few friends, does the pet rock collection count? And as such he dove into the world of computers and technology with his life goal of becoming a game designer for MonoMyth. After a series of a unfortunate events, Ralph receives a letter from his mother’s sister, Gert.

Aunt Gert, admittedly tells Ralph that one of her children randomly found him through an online web search and they found his blog, and realized how technologically efficient he was and invited him to the summer mansion to set up the wifi. All expenses paid vacation. Of course, a good geek will never be denied an adventure and off he went on the first ticket he can get his hands on.

After jet lag and excitement, Ralph is brought into  a whole new world. The mansions’ grounds were vast and after he was settled into the guest house he set out to work on the wiring. Eventually Ralph and the Battersby kids’ world was thrown into a whirlwind when reintroduced to an aunt whom had been disowned by the parents, to the point that there was a spell cast upon the (three) children that they weren’t allowed to be within a certain reach of Aunt Chessie.

Ah-ha! You read it right, a spell. This entire family has the ability to grant wishes. Aunt Chessie is like the fairy-godmother who allows three wishes: Daphne, Cecil, and Beatrice.  -Chessie lost her son to a wish-gone-wrong, and ever since the rest of the family had distanced themselves in fear that she may want to take revenge. – However, because of their situation it wasn’t something that could be granted. Thanks to Ralph and his teenage rebelliousness, he caste off the spell and caused a great disaster to befall the family.

Each spell is unique, and the wisher is sent on a quest where in the end they have learned something and are more “worldly”. It’s a strange mystique but interesting. Ralph hops the wishes of each of his cousins and becomes the hero. Although, he’s not the hero by choice. All these quests are employed, and written by a narrator.

We learn little of the narrator except that he enjoys intruding on the quest as well as starts losing his mind near the end of the book, which results in the whole story being taken to the “Royal Narratological Guild” and dealt with by Ralph’s one and only wish.



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