Review: Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Published: 2012
By: Flux
Source: FMPL
Format: Trade Paper
ISBN:    9780738732510
– Goodreads


I must say this is probably my first book read on a fictional character who struggles with their ultimate decision of coming out as a Trans-sexual person, and the number of public details that came out with the admission.

Originally born as Elizabeth, a female who struggled with the concept of maturity and hormones, and the desires she had no clue what to do with but knew it wasn’t “normal” for a person – society expected her to be – to have. Eventually she developed a name for this second personae, Gabe.

In this book, Gabe is on the verge of a full coming out after graduating from high school and having the ability to run away to Cities in order to pursue his dream of becoming a great radio DJ. In the meantime, however, he was doing a late-night show on community radio. Connecting through his small fan-base of 20 people, Gabe became somebody he always wanted to be.. accepted.

Gabe has this old guy neighbor, John, whom was just as big of a music geek as he was, and had the music collection to go with it. These two were inseparable, from the point of Gabe’s coming-out to to his near death-bed after getting clunked in the head with a baseball bat in an attempt to protect Gabe from a jealous jock.

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children is truly an awesome book with a lot of feels. I’m being serious when I say I did cry a little bit near the end, I also laughed throughout, so I guess I’m even. There’s a few times in this book that really makes you contemplate life. During a show Gabe talks to his listeners, part of his chat he asks the following:

…are you an A side or a B side? Are you a Top Forty hit, or an equally good yet potentially undiscovered gem?

I’m tired of being someone else’s idea of a hit record. How about you? I know this is a radical idea, but people should get to be who they want to be. If you’re going for the top of the charts, all right. A side all the way, go for it. But if I want to play my B side, I should get to play my B side. And only the cool kids listen to B sides. (p.41)

5 Starsignature

Which side do you lead with, A or B?


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  4. Gene Washington says:

    What’s up, I check your blog regularly. Your humoristic style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

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