Review: Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley

Published: 2013 (Originally published in 2012)
By: Books on Tape
Source: FMPL
Format: Audiobook
ISBN:  9780307879844


Can I just skip ahead to the end? Like what. the. eff, Alan Bradley?! Flippin’ twist ending. I had tears in my eyes because it was so unexpected, and I cannot wait to snag the audiobook for my 5 hour long drive to see my boyfriend this weekend, just so I can continue binging on this series. So stay tuned for that review as well…

Another delicious death has occurred in the little town of Bishop’s Lacey. Author, Alan Bradley, has been taking his time at really developing the characters of the de Luce family. Although wanting to keep it a secret until Easter, Feely is engaged to Dieter, which is very exciting news for the family. Buckshaw has also gone up for sale, which was undoubtedly inevitable from the beginning since Harriet was declared dead after an unfortunate accident in the Himalayas. And the reader continues to get a deeper glimpse of Flavia as she continues to mature and, being on the verge of twelve, is going through some fairly typical mood swings that come with growing up. Her desire for a mother-daughter relationship is also just as apparent as she constantly speaks of the longing relationship she’d love to have with Inspector Hewitt’s wife, Antigone.

Although doom and gloom hovered over the de Luce home this doesn’t stop Flavia from aiding (on her own accord) at discovering the murderer(s) of the former organist for the church. She does (of course), and finds the precious item the Magistrate has been seeking to cure his son from the lead poisoning his son has been ailed with from birth, which was rumored to have been burried in Saint Ancrid’s tomb, whom was to be exhumed for display for its quincentennial appearance from the bowels of the church.

Once again another fun, thrilling novel of a little girl who’s just too witty for her age. If you loved the last four books you’ll love this one too 🙂

5 Star



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