Blogger Confessions: Book Blogging Librarian

For the last little while I’ve been trying to figure out how I can incorporate two passions that I’ve come to realize: 1) my love of books, 2) I’m a librarian – well my paperwork says Library Technician, but honestly, I’m a Jack-of-all-Trades here, so we’ll just call it like it is. I love having my outlet to present my opinions about the books I’ve been reading, not always reviewing but just having the opportunity to be heard by a larger community rather than my closest of friends. It’s great! And I think anybody who has a little bit of time to commit to trying to do something awesome should.

So far I’ve been doing pretty good with the book loving part. One year in operation, I’ve received a lot of support from my near and dear but also from folks of afar. It’s awesome! I’ve made acquaintances with many people and learned much on the book blogging world and its workings.

Now with that little experience under my belt, I’ve begun to want to broaden my options in regards to the content I post on Black ‘n Write. I follow a few other bloggers who have managed to incorporate their library lives in with their book blogging life, and I’d love to do the same thing. Would we talk about the same thing? There’s always a chance, but in the end every library, public, private, or special, all have their own quirk. I’d like to investigate mine. Not only that I’d also like to do a particular feature, like “Best Book of the Week” or “Popular Picks”.. no not really. I’m sure it’d just be a discussion post to open up dialogue considering opinions on school libraries, to ask questions whether you do/did the same thing as “my kids” do, and just overall the what-what and who’s-who. Will this work?

You know what all that means right?


 (Kidding! or am I?)

It just means that eventually there will be a few changes around this part of town. The colors are going to change and perhaps a few other things, I’m not quite sure. I’d like the scheme to follow me as I transition from Library Tech to “Great Master Holder” which won’t be for a few years, but that’s okay! I can deal with that.

What do you think guys? Doable? Well, ya, obviously, but how about ideas. Anything to add on or maybe we can brainstorm! How about I ask this:

If you could combine your love of books with your day job what would it look like?



About Black ' n Write Reviewer

Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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8 Responses to Blogger Confessions: Book Blogging Librarian

  1. Tara says:

    Ahhhh! This is a great idea! My blog grew out of my library blog, so I think it’s a natural combination. I posted a lot of stuff in my early years about the library world that might be of interest to the general public: stuff about the weeding process/throwing books away, lessons we worked on in the library, banned books, a day-in-the-life, AR, library procedures, etc. Surprisingly, I got a lot of comments on those posts from non-librarians. The reading public likes to hear some of the interesting bits! And I know I’d love to read about a journey through library school.

    I combine my day job with a weekly feature (my Novel Ideas posts), which gives me the freedom to talk about whatever I want in that column. That process has worked well for me in keeping my blog focused where I want it focused.

    • To be perfectly honest, you were most certainly my biggest inspiration to persuade me into considering alternative content for my blog. Just, at the time, I wasn’t a working librarian. But a lot of that is what I’d like to start doing. Having a place to brag about the few projects that I work on in a school year, hint on upcoming projects I have planned or even just to say “I’m awesome, because…”, and overall just to have a place where I can give people a glimpse past the stereotypes of “shushing” and stamping. 🙂

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  4. Alison says:

    I definitely think you should post about your work (as much as you’re comfortable with). I love reading about what other library workers are doing. Sometimes I get fantastic ideas.

    I lucked out because I work in a library as well so it’s pretty easy to incorporate work stuff into my blog. I make teen book lists/displays every month so I share those over on the blog. I’ve also been discussing my tween programming ideas.

    • I’m hoping it’ll get easier for me to find ways to incorporate my real-life with my blogging life. Some days get so tedious. This week I can’t even be bothered to write anything… We’re at a point of prepping for different exams, and I’m trying to get book repairs done.
      I’ll do a post on how much I have to do in repairs! lol

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