Review: Blankets by Craig Thompson


Published: 2003
By: Top Shelf Productions
Source: FMPL
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9781891830433


My first Craig Thompson book was reviewed only a few months ago, and I was reading some great things about the book’s predecessor Habibi. I was delighted when I found Blankets on my library shelf.

Blankets is the story which has multiple flashbacks of the main character’s life. The abuse he suffered as a child, the feeling of uncleanliness, his new-found devotion to Christ, the struggles and emotions he feels when he meets an amazing girl at a Bible Camp in his late-teens, their relationship, her life, his life.

I liked the story. But I was always a big fan of the illustrations. The art is amazing! I’d definitely recommend this book. Especially if you love awesome sequential art in black and white.

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