Monthly Wrap-Up (#11)

This isn’t going to be your typical wrap-up post. I’ve been ridiculously busy this past month and this month is going to be no better. I was saddened by the fact that I was forced to return a large library book haul I made a week or so back because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish any of it by the time my family and I were going to move. Highly anticipated.

Moving forward. I’ve been upgrading my high school grade 12 English, deadline to complete the program is in August. I decided to “force” myself to have it complete by the end of June, giving myself a little time to do — nothing. I’ll be working. Doing a couple of junior high things. There’s the BIG inventory wrap-up at school. I have to go to Edmonton this week to get more car stuff done – praying I’ll have my own vehicle by next Monday *fingers crossed*. Audiobook-ing Hamlet (no reviews to be expected). There’s another story I need to read too, The Stone Angel… something. Oh yea! And FIFA’s starting this month, so between games I’ll be writing essays and corralling kids back to class. What fun!


But that’s okay we’ll get through it.


Ten Things I Hate About Me
Mother’s Day minis

I’m Still Reading

The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches


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All that being said, I’ll be still checking in on Twitter, feel free to follow me! I might have a chance to upload a few reviews or rants or raves… Oh I know the Book Riot Quarterly is expected to show up sometime this month so I’ll post a review on that. I might rant a few times about the soccer games, you have been warned. Happy June everybody! May your reviews be plentiful and your goals be obtained!



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