Exam Weeks and FIFA

Hey y’all! I’m just a taking a quick break from watching #WorldCup to come and chit-chat with you guys. I’ve been pretty MIA for a while, and I blame a few things, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Alright, so I figured I’d give you a “sneak peek” behind the scenes view of the school librarian life for the last day of classes: June, Friday the 13th, 2014 (Go figure)

My thoughts exactly!

1. It was chaotic! Seriously, kids were cleaning out their lockers, it was noisy and I had a lot of kids that were bringing their textbooks back for several reasons a) they were exempt from exams, b) they would bring back only the textbook for the subjects they thought they had enough info from their instructors to make it through studying, or c) they didn’t want to carry them home but used reason B. Whatever! I tried to reason with them, if they wouldn’t bite I told them that I didn’t want to see them on Monday complaining about not having a textbook. It’s mean, and honestly I think I would make the exception but still… seriously. The percentage was primarily grade sevens and nines returning their books. It’s strange, either way I shelved at least 50-70 textbooks on Friday. My poor knee was having trouble keeping up (damn you battle wounds!)

2. I realized that the original placement for certain books was kind of strange and difficult to keep organized, so with a little conversation with a co-worker I managed to flip, extend, etc a few genres and now I have a bigger Novel Studies section and more space for Fiction and the French collection officially has it’s own island. It’ll look awesome! I’m also compiling some ideas for signage to help keep the kids from “getting lost” 😉

3. Not only was Friday the last day of classes but it was also the grade 9 farewell, kind of like graduation minus the tassels and certificates. It was loaded with fun and that reminds me I need to Google myself and see if there’s a picture or two of me floating around the hemisphere. (Darn kids and their flashy gadgets 😉 ) I know I was pretty busy taking flashy pictures with my S5. Some of them turned out pretty awesome! And flicking throuogh I’m unable to showoff any pictures because faces of youngsters are too obvious and I’ll play things safe 🙂

Well, that’s a few things. It was great nonetheless, but bring on Summer Vacation! I need a teenager detox.

Now I’m busy catching glimpses of the World Cup games.  Did the starting game: Brazil vs. Croatia, and now I finished watching the France vs. Honduras game. Compared to the World Cup I watched in 2010 I actually feel more prepared. I can’t say I know the game any better but I know what’s going on. Some weird understanding I’ve developed :p

Monday is the start of a good game: Ghana vs. USA. I’m very excited for this. If you haven’t noticed I altered my profile image on Twitter to support one of the teams that I’ll be following closely during this 31-day event.

Have any of you awesome people been following
the World Cup or am I seriously all by lonesome? 😦



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