Banned Books Week

I’ve drafted so many posts but I finally have one.

From September 21… and I’m pissed now… I worked so hard to realize that I’m over a week ahead in planning! Crud. I wonder if I should just brown paper wrap the books as little mysteries for the students until the actual date… hmmm… Not a bad idea.

Well anyways, back to what I was saying:

From September 21st to the 27th is National Banned Books Week, an awareness campaign to teach society about the dangers of censorship and the books that have been affected by other peoples personal views on what should be considered “appropriate”. Something I found legitimately interesting about who is challenging the majority of books is probably both worrisome and awe-shocking all at once.

The vast majority of challenges were initiated by parents (2,535), with patrons and administrators to follow (516 and 489 respectively).

After much research, I decided on 30 titles that I would pull from my shelves to keep the books circulating properly. But here’s what I did to bring my creation to fruition:

– Using Word I created bookmarks with little saying like “Banned”, “Caution”, “Warning! Somebody considered me dangerous”… things that would create intrigue. Red paper to make it pop against the covers.

– Used black paper to cover the front portion of my desk to attract.

– My signage is made of recycled dictionaries and pages from R.L. Stine. I’m really impressed with how they turned out, so much so they wound up laminated with the bookmarks 😉

And that’s it! I’m really excited to see what the kids think. I wound up also writing on large pieces of paper, information and statistics that were available on ALA about challenged books. Also a page explaining what #BannedBooksWeek is. I think for my first BBW, I did really well 🙂

What do you think? If you’re working in a public or school library, I would love to see what you’re doing for Banned Books Week. Link your posts, tweets, Insta-posts to let everybody know what you’re up to!



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