Review: The Lost Boy by Greg Ruth

Published: 2013
By: Graphix
Source: Work
Format: Paperback
ISBN:  9780439823326


Like any kid moving into an unfamiliar place, Nate is dreading this move into a tiny town with no friends. While contemplating his choice of bedroom, Nate finds a secret compartment under the floorboards filled with an old cassette-recorder keeping his moping mind occupied.

The multiple cassettes accompanying the old recorder contain the narrations of a boy, Walt, who previously lived in the house. Walt disappeared and with the help of the his narrations on cassettes, Nate sets out on an adventure he never thought he’d survive to see his first day of school. Along the way he meets a sneaky neighbor-girl, Tabitha, who is also trying find out whatever happened to Walt, but also not trying to get snagged by Bugglings and the other fantasy creatures in dinner jackets riding dogs or birds, or the Verpertine who is a shadowy figure looming throughout the town blocking the kids from discovering the strange truths hidden in the forest.

The Lost Boy is a strange story with some great art attached to it. The panels are filled with well-detailed art describing the story-line in black and white. The characters are given identifiable features that easily allow the reader to understand how Nate, Tabitha, and the rest of the characters how they are feeling at that point in the story.



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