How Do You E-Read?

Hello everybody,

With the holidays fast approaching soon after comes luxurious Boxing Week sales. I’m procrastinating on purchasing an e-reader, but I’m not too sure what I should buy. So I’m coming to you my fine, fellow readers for your advice.

My Specs

– Ability to read most formats of ebook that are made available through Netgalley and other epublishers
– Audiobook ability (I have no clue if there’s an e-reader out there that does this, but it’d be awesome if it did!)
– In color is not necessary but is a nice perk

The Poll

Afterwards feel free to justify your choice or go broader on it!

I look forward to your votes and discussions 🙂



About Black ' n Write Reviewer

Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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9 Responses to How Do You E-Read?

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  2. I love my Kindle. I bought my first Kindle 3-4 years ago and I’m on my 3rd one (I believe) – because I keep upgrading. Amazon has the best Kindle deals and has more free (Kindle) ebooks. The device is easy to use and syncs beautifully between my device and the Kindle app on my iPhone and iPad.

  3. Lola says:

    I love my Kobo and would definitely recommend it, although when you’re in the US and want to read most of your books through netgalley maybe going for the kindle is better. I can’t buy books through amazon (they don’t allow paypal and I don’t have a credit card), so I decided to get a Kobo. Colour might be nice, but I would advise going for an E-Ink screen if you want the real book experience. I am not sure if you can listen to audiobook on e-readers, I don’t listen to audiobooks, so I never looked into that. Good luck with deciding which e-reader to buy!

    • Thanks for your input, I’m in Canada so maybe things are a little different with making certain purchases. Although I wouldn’t be buying too many ebooks. It’d be primarily for ARCs and review requests from authors/publishers.
      – Krys

  4. I love reading from my Kindle App on my iPads. It syncs with my iPhone. I love changing font size & contras. Black background feels restful to me & saves battery life. I used to have Kindles (the devices) but just found that I didn’t use them as much as my mini iPad. I have to admit, I haven’t tried audio books on it – but I know they can do it!
    @GwynethJones – The Daring Librarian
    Ps. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! Happy Christmas!

    • Thanks for your comment and it’s good to know the Kindle has audiobook capability. Whilst I’ve been experimenting with ebook apps I found there are actually quite a few that allow you to play with the fonts sizes, contrasting features, etc. which is a big plus!
      I guess I’ll just have to keep hunting, since I decided to hold off on the purchase since I realized that I’ll have to make a last minute textbook purchase for my Psychology class which starts in January 😦

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