Review: Deathwatch by Ari Berk

Published: 2011
By: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Source: FMPL
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9781416991151


A person could easily read this book and call it quits, but I am quite curious, being a trilogy, what else author, Ari Berk, has to say on the subject of Undertakers and afterlife and death.

Amos Umber has disappeared for nearly a year and nobody knows where he is. Dolores Umber has become an alcoholic, discouraged by her son’s inability to “move on” from his father’s lack of communication, and has now come to terms with the fact that her brother-in-law, Charles, has decided to sell the home Dolores and Silas reside in and open his home hospitably in Lichport.

Lichport is an old harbor village with a scary past (and present). Dolores never wanted to return but having no money accepted the offer and drowned any obvious signs that Charles is mad, crazed loony with nothing but the best he could buy. Silas realized this fact and found his open opportunity to escape to his father’s abandoned home next door to the lovely lady, Mrs. Bowe, and thus beginning a big long story as Silas goes on the hunt for his father…

Okay, OK… So this story had me confused at the beginning with all these names and no other tying storyline for me to make sense of things, alas after a few chapters I realized that the story – more or less – jumped between the two towns of Lichport (Silas’ birthplace) and Saltsbridge (the town which Dolores insisted on moving the family after Silas was born). So in this book we find out Amos Umber was a chronic liar, mostly in part because Dolores didn’t want her son anywhere near Amos’ “work”. Silas missed a lot of school after his dad disappeared but graduated much to his mother’s relief.

After Dolores receives a letter from Charles declaring that he must sell the house since his brother hadn’t made any mortgage payments in over a year and needed to sell the house for compensation, but he welcomed Dolores and Silas to move in with him in the (practically) deserted town of Lichport. Much to everybody’s knowledge Charles had other plans for his new-coming family, and they would not be pleasant.


I liked this book, I think there were some interesting aspects of the story line. I will likely read the other two books just out of sheer curiosity for what the author might’ve have decided to use as amo to continue the series.



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