Review: I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced by Nujood Ali


Cover from Paperback Edition

Published: 2010
By: Books on Tape
Source: EPL
Format: Audiobook
ISBN:  9780307712578


Nujood Ali, a young Yemeni girl, inspired many young girls to take a terrifying step that even most adult women pray they themselves never have to go through in their married life. Nujood was sold, by her father, to a man in his mid-thirties, she, herself, is only ten-years-old, and within 2 months she was plunged into a terrifying ordeal of being pulled out of school, and having her entire childhood taken from her.

After her father and several male in-law family members signed the agreements of the marital arrangement, Nujood is then swept away by her new husband and his sisters and one of their husbands. This man brings young Nujood to a far away village that has no basic amenities; cutting Nujood from her family. Upon the night of their arrival, Nujood’s innocence is taken from her against her will. With words of “You are my wife, you will do as your told…” she is raped, and although she fought every night before she is tortured by her husband, he eventually started beating her either with his fist or a stick.

This whole story is documented in the span on approximately 4 months. After she marries, she manages to convince her husband to allow her to visit her parents, and she then runs away to the nearest courthouse in Sanaa and from there on her story caught a lot of attention from local and international media outlets. Once Nujood’s case was cleared and nobody heard from the “Monster” she once called Husband, her story (and many like it) inspired great changes in judicial systems all over the Middle East, from increasing the minimum age of marriage, and several other bills and laws were passed to help protect other girls who were forced into the very same predicament as Nujood.

It’s terrifying and eye opening how different cultures can be and how they affect others.

4 Star

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