Review: Half my Facebook Friends are Ferrets by J.A. Buckle

Published: 2014
By: Switch Press
Source: Purchased
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:   9781630790004


Josh is your average 16-going-on-17 teenager who is dealing with everything from no girlfriend, pressures in school and life and from his mom, and the fact that his three best friends all have different preferences in music makes things difficult when it comes to wanting to attend metal concerts or shred riffs on the guitar.

It’s the countdown to Josh’s seventeenth birthday, and in this diary-style novel Josh writes about his moods, feelings, crushes, loves, hates, and his ferret Ozzy, and the deep secret his mom’s been hiding from him since the day he was born. In Half my Facebook friends are ferrets, this very quick read (honestly, finished it in half-a-day) and it is fun as you read about the awkward teenager as he notes of his witnessing one friend gradually come out as gay, and one friend suffer from body image and self-esteem issues, and all his in-betweens.

The protagonist is your typical teenager who worries about everything when it comes to how he’s perceived by his peers. Best of all, it’s a completely relatable story about life, familial relationships, sarcasm and the inability to accept a compliment with being stand-offish about it (sounds like your typical teen, no?).

I’ll be donating this novelty to my school library for the kids to enjoy. Another book which is similar is My Big Mouth by Peter Hannan.



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