International Women’s Day: Bookish Style

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I have been blessed with the intense desire to constantly want to read and learn. Thank you to my parents for enabling me through every part of my life, and much as I don’t always get along with my mother, I love and appreciate every thing she has done for me from Day Zero.

Thanks Mom

Obviously my mother hasn’t been the only woman in my life who has influenced me to live my life in a particular way, however this post isn’t to celebrate those women (that’s what Facebook is for 😉 ) This post is to celebrate the fantastic female authors I’ve had the opportunity (thus far) to read either about or books by them. Here’s a [short] list of just a few of my faves:



Elizabeth Gilbert

I read her book Eat. Pray. Love. at the end of 2012 and it truly inspired me to “learn more deeply” about myself; to find out what I really want to get out of life.



Source: The Telegraph UK


JK Rowling

I’d be a liar if I never included/read her books. Although I never felt an inspiration to become anything more than more literate, it was because of her amazing series: Harry Potter.




Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia


Barbara Smucker

In my early teens I was “forced” to read Underground to Canada as a class novel study. This was honestly the best book I read in my youth. It introduced to me the issues that revolved around slavery and the hardships people endured to free themselves or the people that helped runaway slaves to come to Canada; for freedom.





Laurie Halse Anderson

I read Speak as a class novel study (if I remember correctly) and it had a great impact on me. Even after that initial read I frequently gravitate to her books because I know I won’t be disappointed in her technique.



This is a very small list of novelists that I’ve read who are female, however, I do know the list is longer. Perhaps, I chose a list of women who had an influence on me in my earlier days (minus Elizabeth Gilbert, which was my young 20’s). I think I’ll stick to that reason.

To wrap up this post here is a video of the Message from the UN Women’s Executive Director:

Love your woman. Love you. Love all.



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