Review: Calling Dr. Laura: A Graphic Memoir by Nicole J. Georges

Published: 2013
By: Mariner Books
Source: FMPL
Format: Paperback
ISBN:   9780547615592



I wasn’t sure what I was going to wind up reading, I couldn’t even remember how to title got to my TBR list, but that’s okay. I had requested this from my local library as a way to get a community bin returned to my work-library so the kids can drop off their public library books.

Calling Dr. Laura is not about a doctor as you may assume from the title, it is in fact the call-in radio show the main character (and author) Nicole listens to on a regular basis in order to avoid confronting a lot of her problems or to drown out the constant nagging by her mother.

Like the subtitle entails, this is a memoir, and this particular one illustrates different parts of the author’s life starting from her childhood, which includes health problems, family relationships and most of all the relationships her mother had gone through in order to find Nicole a “daddy”-figure.

Early on in the book, the reader is made aware that Nicole is a lesbian, and with that came the great burden/responsibility of either sheltering her mother from the reality and attempting to convince her girlfriend (at-the-time) that her mother knowing of this relationship would prove fatal to whatever lifeline she has.

Nicole, her dog, her hens, and her ex’s dogs, in a quaint house where she spends her days sewing, drawing, and listening to Dr. Laura.

3 Star



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