Perks of Being a School Librarian

Okay, this is not the post where I make a list (and it’d be very pointy) to brag about the upside to my job – that’s for another post 😉

However, today my school was lucky enough to host Canadian track and field, 1996 gold medalist, Bruny Surin.

As a French Canadian, he has a very little audience in the French speaking community, so he is a very important member in the motivational speaker line that can travel throughout the country to give great speeches without adapting for the English community (because, let’s face it, there are a lot of English speaking motivators out there). Mr. Surin is very humble of his experience. Even after he retired, he has founded an organization, Fondation Bruny Surin,which was built to enable and encourage youth in sports.

But, the reason I wrote this post is this. Not only did I have the benefit to hear this man speak and watch the kids become enthralled in what he had to say, but after his presentation I was jokingly suggested he could donate a signed copy of his book Le Lion Tranquille to our school library for the kids.

Posted on my instagram!

He actually agreed!

I’m just going to take this time, because he snuck back in the school and left the book with the front-office so I couldn’t do it then, but thank him very much for his presentation and for his gift to the school. «Merci Mr. Bruny!!!»

I admit the cover is questionable, but whatever, I’m not going to start cutting out little paper shirts.

So that is my perk for today!


What is your favorite job perk?


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