Conference: ALC 2015


I’m so excited to announce that I’m finally going to something worth talking about 😀

At the end of April I’ll be attending the annual Alberta Library Conference which is being held in Jasper, Alberta for 3 nights of amazingness. I look forward to the key speakers: Sara Critchfield and Drew Dudley. I’m also looking forward to socializing with other librarians, and coincidentally the theme for this conference is Networking. I look forward to seeing what kind of environment hundreds of like-minded people create. It should be awesome and the location to which this event is being held is exciting, and I’m not referring to the fact that it’s being held at some swanky hotel. It’s being held in Jasper.

My Schedule

I’ve been to Jasper briefly in the past, but I’ll be able to spend several nights enjoying the spring-time greatness of Mother Nature…

Source: Seattle's Travels

Seriously, this is a regular view O_O

I purposely bulked up my itinerary to get the full-scale experience of this conference, and knowing that I’ll have to do a brief presentation I figured I should make the most of it!

Stay tuned, y’all! I’ll be posting pictures and will be live tweeting most of the event so follow me @TaintedVampyre to keep up to date with the excitement. I’ll also be posting pictures regularly on Instagram: @krys_klinge.

What’s the most recent conference you attended? What made it memorable?



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