Review : When Everything Feels Like the Movies by Raziel Reid

Published: 2014
By: Arsenal Pulp Press
Source: FMPL
Format: Paperback
ISBN:   9781551525747



With breaks in-between, I managed to finish this book in one night.  Raziel Reid certainly knows how to drop an addictive piece of literature on the table. Although When Everything Feels Like the Movies is very much realistic fiction, I was completely drawn into the main character’s life as he portrays it.

In this book, the reader is locked arm-in-arm with Jude, a small town out-of-the-closet gay, and he is, to be blunt, flaming. He wears pink lipstick, manicured nails, and sports platform boots. Fitting in was not his strong suit, but he lived his life like if he were a famous starlet. From haters being turned into followers and paparazzi, and the presumption that those that hate him are just secretly in love with him.

I LOVE this book, and I have a feeling that because it made me shed a tear by the end that it will probably land itself on my Top 5 list at the end of the 2015.

I’ve known about Canada Reads for the last 5-ish years while listening to CBC Edmonton every morning on my commute, but this title was the most appealing of runners up. Maybe it’s my preference in literary genres, or maybe because I had come to understand that this title should be found in every high school library and I needed to read it for myself to find out, it is read and I totally agree. I couldn’t put it in my school’s library for the sake of the very mature content – and I’m not talking about the sexual content – but for the way the story ends, for the deep conversations of drug abuse.. okay perhaps some of the sexual content might be a bit much, but I do think this book needs to be lovingly regarded to diversify a school’s collection.

I’d highly recommend this book to anybody looking for something just out of, perhaps, your typical norm of fiction. Or perhaps you’re looking to add titles to your bucketlist of LGBTQ lit, but borrow it, buy it, download it, what ever! It’s a must read.

If you’ve read this book please feel free to share your thoughts, or if you’ve reviewed please link it up below!

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