Last Day of School and Webcomics!

Harooo to all my friendly followers!

I’m so excited! As my entry title suggests, it’s the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

*cue music*


This lovely librarian will be on summer holidays for a month and a few weeks. Plans? Not really.

Source: via Tumblr

– Fireworks for Canada Day in Edmonton

– I’m running a 5K in Edmonton on July 4th! (Happy Independence Day to my American peeps)

– I also have a birthday party that same day. Bring on the crepes (it’s Paris themed)

A lull in the middle and then…

– Wedding in Kelowna in August.

I’m so excited! I’ve already paid my tuition for Sociology to start in September. Now it’s just a matter of R&R’ing until I go back to work at the end of August.

That’s it for that… now moving on to PART TWO of my title.


For the last little while I was on the hunt for webcomics that were relatively new and yet still being updated. Since my fall-back comic was: Girls with Slingshots, but Danielle Corsetto put a halt to that!

I was also peeking in on Chester 5000 XYV (NSFW) and I’m not gonna lie the scenes have thrown me through utter confusion, so I just enjoy the art.

But nowadays I’m rolling with a new crowd:


Source: via

Helvetica by j.n. wiedle (Updates Fridays)

Helvetica is  a young man who has recently died! When you die, you don’t remember anything in life, and your first word(s) is your name. This story follows Helvetica’s desire to uncover who he was in life, his existential crises, and his struggle to make death worth living. – Sourced from “About” section

Follow this talented artist on Twitter @jnwiedle

Love Not Found by Gina Biggs (Updates Monday, Wednesday, & Friday)

The series launched June, 2014. A story about a young woman in time where touching has become outdated.  She has recently moved to a new planet and finds that touching might not be such a bad idea. – Source from “About” section

Gina’s also on Twitter @ginabiggs

Tripping Over You by Suzana and Owen (Updates Monday and Thursday)

I love the relationship between the characters.

An ongoing story about a same-sex relationship. We aim to keep things light on drama while addressing real issues and problems that crop up in day to day life. – Source from “About”.

Follow the comic on Twitter for updates @ToYthecomic

Source: via

Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas

Wilde Life is a supernatural adventure/horror series set in a small town in rural Oklahoma. It focuses on stories about creatures from Native American mythology as witnessed and documented by a journalist from Chicago, Illinois.

I love the supernatural story line, which is super different from the others on my list. Pascalle’s also on Twitter @lepas

That’s it peoples! I’m going to do some traveling, catch up on some reading, and just overall enjoy every second of my time away from work, kids and etcs.



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