Review: Clockwork Game by Jane Irwin

Full Title: Clockwork Game: The illustrious career
of a chess-playing automaton

By: Fiery Studios
Source: FMPL
Format: Paperback
ISBN:  9780974311029



Clockwork Game was a Kickstarter project with over 200 backers and managed to raise just a little over $13,000.  This graphic novel is a little piece of historical fiction which starts in the thirteenth century and ends in 1840 where the nationally acclaimed Turkish automaton burns up in a tragic museum fire. The evolution of clockwork engineering. This story is about a chess-playing automaton dressed in Turkish attire and its ability to wow crowds and frequently defeat against rulers in a humble game of a chess. According to the author, she took care to try to navigate through history to make this book seemingly more relevant.

I thought the art in this book was well done, unfortunately I wasn’t too keen on the story-line – personal interest. I think anybody who might be relatively interested in panharmonics, metronomes, and new-age puppets will enjoy the historical detail of this book.

3 Star



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