Review: HBO: The News Room

Source: Via HBO Watch

While browsing Facebook sometime in August, I came upon a shared video from a show I had completely forgot:

Which “forced” me to start looking into the source of this video and why it was so intriguing. Once I found it, I realized that this is part of show that I may have only watched 2 halves of different episodes once-upon-a-time when it first started airing.


Not so interesting. I’m familiar with some of the actors. Blah. Blah. Blah…


I recognize the actors, but that video has compelled my Political Science-y person to start watching it. Cue binge-watching

Source: Via Salon


The Political Science student in me approves this show. The beginning of this whole show is that video I offered up as sacrifice for your entertainment, and Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) is just the bait I needed to bring you in. The News Room starts with a washed up news anchor, some romantic history between his new Executive Producer, and how they turn a mediocre news room who only cared about ratings into a news room that cared about getting the right information to The People.

The first episode bonds the whole team together with the BP Oil Spill of 2010 off the Coast of Mexico. You remember that, right?

Yea, that one. What could’ve been a report on the missing crew members turned into a one-hour report on more than just the crew, but also the companies involved that should’ve fixed the issue and how they never prevented the situation. If you’re anything like me, you may have the tendency of feeling stressed or stricken just as much as the characters, I believe this is called “emotionally involved”? As the members of the news team are gathering information, and getting quotes and interviews, I was feeling it. But by the time Will was dressing to go on the air you see his hands shake, that’s when I knew I would love this show. I felt the intensity in the speeches, in the script, and this is only after one episode!

I’m going to continue watching this show. I may do a follow-up on my thoughts after watching all 3 seasons (25 episodes) before I start my Sociology course in September. But I’m really looking forward to what else this show has to offer.

Have you seen this show? What are your thoughts?



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