Weekly Round Up (#32)

My top 10 or so links that I believe will also keep you interested…

  1. Joanna’s list of 15 inspiring career books
  2. Shades of YA
  3. According to this interview: LIS education is a bad joke
  4. Beautiful bookish cakes
  5. Clear the way Dystopia and Fantasy fiction, there’s a “new” genre in the spotlight
  6. I became frustrated over an article on Library Journal
  7. Adult titles that reasonate with teens
  8. Do you commit to book monogamy or polygamy?
  9. What are your travel essentials?
  10. Paste Mag.: Are you excited for any of these new comics?

I’m trying to change up my presentation, unfortunately I’m either not subscribing to the right things or there just is not a whole heckuva lot being published worth sharing. But I hope you like these, let me know in the comments if I’m missing anything, and stay tuned for my upcoming back to school post next week.

Click for a GOODtime

Also, I just finished watching the first season of that show I quickly reviewed last week. Well, I’m in love and as I mentioned in a tweeted posted earlier – it’ll be sad when I have to let it go…



About Black ' n Write Reviewer

I'm a junior high librarian finding her way into the lives of her students through the art of literature.
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