Review: Angelfall by Susan Ee


Published: 2012
By: Skyscape
Source: FMPL
Format: Paperback
ISBN:  9780761463276



The world has begun to crumble, humans have begun to prey against each other and the others are running in terror, or forming coalitions to take back the world from the unimaginable: Angels. The angels have been sent to destroy what God had created. But humans aren’t having that.

Penryn is a seventeen-year-old girl who only wanted to worry about prom dresses, and her various martial arts classes. But now she must worry for her family; her psychotic mother and her paraplegic sister. After hiding out in an abandoned condo building, her family is forced to move otherwise risk being found by a local gang. Whilst on their escape they are forced into hiding when 3 large winged creatures fall from the sky.

And thus a whole new adventure for Penryn…


Okay, when I started this book all I could think was make it stahp! but I muscled through figuring that if the book became a series, it must’ve been relatively good, right?

I liked the bad-ass attitude and anger and endurance Penryn had. She’s a hint of Katniss, obviously not in the same context but this was like The Hunger Games mixed in with Daughter of Smoke and Bone; survival and angels. Penryn was originally most concerned for her little sister and her mentally-ill mother, but after the scene with the angels, I knew this was going to turn into something romantic-ee.

This has not been my favorite book, but it certainly made me chuckled a few times, and disturbed several others, especially when I read about what the angels were doing to human children *yuck*.

Let me know what you thought!



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